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How to add Records from Webservices to Database in Opentext

Posted Jul 27 by Sarika Aerolla.

Hi, Just recently completed [Opentext certification from Mindmajix][1]. As of Fresher to the Opentext, I am unable to find how to add Records from Webservice to Database in Opentext.. I have OpenText ECM with Documents, I need to add 1 [more]

Last activity Aug 06 by Greg Griffiths.
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Posted Apr 05 by Rob Radziszewski.

Is anyone using SetNodeMetaData to update the metadata associated with an OpenText document? I am creating an integration between OpenText and PeopleSoft Procurement 9.1 and need to update metadata attributes when statuses change on the PeopleSoft [more]

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OpenText and Siebel interaction

Posted Jul 03 by Srinivasa Talwar.

How to integrate Siebel and OpenText ? are there any connectors available for direct integration ?

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Closed Livelink 9.6.0

Posted Apr 03 by Alejandro Caruso.

Hello, I have two questions: 1.- We are running Livelink 9.6.0 and need to move some 40,000+ documents out because the physical server where its is hosted is going to crash anytime soon.Is it possible to move the documents out of the file [more]

Last activity Apr 04 by Werner De Jong.
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