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Answered Media Manager API

Posted Feb 06 by Vojtech Fried.

Say I want an asset with id '123' and the UI is accessible at How should the URI look? What is the port? Can I use https? How should I specify the version? The syntax below (from the API [more]

Last activity Feb 06 by Andy Chillrud.
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OTMM + OTDS 10.5 - Perform Login Using Externally Provided Credentials

Posted Mar 20 by James Myers.

We have a custom web application that has access to OTDS user authentication credentials, and a request has been made to allow users of that application to seamlessly transition to OTMM using the existing knowledge of the users' credentials. [more]

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Answered CRM -> DMM integration. Using OpenText Media Management Webservice API to create/update/delete folders

Posted Sep 26 by sameer matale.

Hello friends, We are new to Opentext Media Management system architecture. We are planning to implement one way integration from CRM -> DMM, to create/update/delete folders (Containers) in DMM. We have following questions [more]

Last activity Feb 10 by Vojtech Fried.
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CMO Dashboard app not working

Posted May 15 by Dileep Kumar Manduva.
Updated May 15 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hello Team, I am Consultant at Open Text and I work for Open Text Media Manager, I have just started working and understanding AppWorks so far my understanding of AppWorks is good. Out of interest on Media Manager, I thought of trying [more]

Last activity May 15 by Dileep Kumar Manduva.
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How to start / learn on StreamServe

Posted May 17 by Mitesh Kothari.

Hello - Unable to find any startup guide as new learner on Streamserv and OpenText, Can some one provide the initial direction to work on StreamServe and start up. How it gets integrated with OTMM. I am new to OpenText but well versed with [more]

Last activity Jun 12 by Werner De Jong.
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Performance issue with Multi-media file upload

Posted Aug 28 by Anjani Singh.

Hi All, We are using OTMM 10.5 for images and multi-media files (audio/video). OTMM is integrated with Rhozet Carbon Coder server for videos transcoding. We see videos import as very slow. As per OT documentation "MIME_TYPE_NO_MD5" [more]

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How to Import/Upload assets/files into a OTMM Folder from AppWorks?

Posted Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Nov 26.

I have found following otmmapi rest services from [Media Manager API v2][1] >POST /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/ >POST /otmmapi/v2/renditions/ >PUT /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/{import-job-id} How can I use this services with AppWorks [more]

Last activity Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
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API or Code to copy the complete Folder in to OTMM From (dev to stag)

Posted Dec 01 by Samer Yadav.

Dear Sir/Madam, We need the API or Code to copy the complete Folder in to OTMM From OTMM DAL(dev to stag) Could you please assist us or provide the code by using that we can copy the folder (if available) or approach to path forward etc. Really [more]

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User Authentication to media management server.

Posted May 12 by Siddhesh Khole.

Hi, I am new to "Open Text". I would like to authenticate user to OTMM through adobe desktop application. Is there any programming guide or sample code which I can refer to? Thank you all in advance.

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How to make a call to the OTDS 10.5 "/users/{user_id}/password" put REST API method?

Posted May 18 by Santosh Dhanukonda.

Hi, We have an requirement in our application to reset the password of an OTDS Non-synchronized partition user with an arbitrary string with out knowing his old password, by the application administrator. When we gone through the OTDS [more]

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Where to deploy custom war or ear in OTMM16

Posted Jul 11 by Raja Kolli.

We are using custom war lets say test.war and till OTMM10.5 we have deployed the war file under <<JBOSS_HOME>>/deploy/teams , now we are in process of migrating to OTMM16 and since OTMM16 is using JBOSS EAP 6.4 I dont find the teams [more]

Last activity Jul 15 by Raja Kolli.
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