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AppWorks Gateway Setup - OTDS setup failure

Posted Mar 21 by Karthikeyan K.

I am trying to setup the AppWorks Gateway server for development purpose. I followed the steps given in "Appworks Gateway 16.5 installing". Managed to reach till the otds configuration step. At otds configuration I have tried both [more]

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Creating Node Timeouts & Performance

Posted Mar 20 by Jack Cameron.

Hi, I'm currently uploading documents through the API using the create node endpoint. Every so often when documents are being creating, the API call will take upwards of 300+ seconds, DTU consumption % will shoot up 10% and then the document [more]

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OTAG 16.6 to have SAML 2.0 Support?

Posted Feb 26 by Cody Woods.

We are looking to implement Content Server Mobile with support for multi-factor authentication with ADFS. I understand that OTAG 16.6 will have SAML 2.0 support so we can use ADFS with mult-factor for authentication. Is that correct? And [more]

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Single sign on is not working

Posted Jan 10 by Remon Medhat.

We are using Appworks Gateway version 1.2.1 ( 16.2.1 ) and deployed the TempoBox , The single sign on is configured but only works for the content server and is not working on the Tempobox. I checked and found patches for the content service [more]

Last activity Feb 14 by Franky Egan.
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Fetch groups from a specific OTDS partition using filter parameter

Posted Dec 17 by Devasekhar Saikonda.

Hi, Can we fetch all the otds groups of specific partition by using where_filter parameter of the below API. /otdsws/v1/groups?where_filter=%querystringtoidentifypartition%. Thanks

Last activity Dec 18 by Albertto Lie.
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Tempo Box - External users not receiving email notification

Posted Jan 04 by Harish Thunga.

Hi All, We are trying to send invitation to external users to access the shared tempo box folders. While sharing , the email notification is not being sent to the external user however User has been created in the OTDS with proper userid [more]

Last activity Dec 12 by Albertto Lie.
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Examples on using Rest API on OTDS to modify existing users attributes

Posted Nov 26 by Christoph Schlegel.

Hi, I have started working with OpenText and the development for OTDS. For the beginning it would be very helpful to me if there are some existing examples on how to connect to a server (OTDS) and on how to modify attributes of users within [more]

Last activity Dec 03 by Martin van Rappard.
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Cannot determine CS resource id via func otdsintegration.getresourceid

Posted Dec 01 by Daniel Wang.

Hi Experts, When I install Tempo Box, I got the below error message after I installed the OTSync Connector. - Tomcat 8.0.53 - OTDS - Content Server 16.2.5 - AppWorks GateWay 16.2.1 - otsync connector 16.1.2 [more]

Last activity Dec 01 by Daniel Wang.
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HTTP error 403 while trying to update user attributes via OTDS RESTful API

Posted Jul 25 by Akos Petrovics.

There is a userID dedicated to automated changes in OTDS via its REST API. The userID can update user attributes through the web interface of OTDS, but in case the very same action in initiated through REST API the API answers with HTTP code [more]

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AppWorks 16.4 OTDS connection fails with NoSuchFieldException: method

Posted Jul 11 by Bart Maes.

Hi all We are trying to install AppWorks Gateway 16.4.0 at our customer's side. After successful connection to the MSSQL 2016 SP2 database, we want to connect to the existing OTDS 16.2.2 installation. The AWG installation wizard starts [more]

Last activity Jul 12 by Bart Maes.
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How to obtain OTDS token when using SSO ?

Posted Jun 05 by Ruud Bax.

I would like to get an OTDS token so I can call the integration widgets for the user that's issueing the request. We have Content Server configured for SSO using OTDS; so how can I get an OTDS ticket for the current user using the REST API [more]

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PerGem heap error in Tomcat 7 - Plane DA 7.1 and WebTop 6.8 deployed in Tomcat 7,OS Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

Posted May 22 by Deepak Dash.

Dear Experts, We have CS 7.1 environment,with a Tomcat 7 Application Server deployed with da7.1,Webtop6.8 in OS -Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard(VM).Few days back OS of Application Server got crashed and we could not able to rebuild it [more]

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