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Invalid column name 'ID' after upgrade to 16.5.0

Posted Apr 19 by Peter de Vries.

I am trying to upgrade my AppWorks-gateway from version 16.2.1 to 16.5.0 however this fails. I can upgrade to 16.4.0 without problems, but when I upgrade to 16.5.0 (either directly from 16.2.1 or in 2-steps via 16.4.0) the AppWork-gateway wont's [more]

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Single sign on is not working

Posted Jan 10 by Remon Medhat.

We are using Appworks Gateway version 1.2.1 ( 16.2.1 ) and deployed the TempoBox , The single sign on is configured but only works for the content server and is not working on the Tempobox. I checked and found patches for the content service [more]

Last activity Feb 14 by Franky Egan.
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remove HTTP connection in AppWorks

Posted Jan 30 by Remon Medhat.

We deployed appworks and everything is configured in HTTPS , when i comment/remove the HTTP port in server.xml , when i open the appworks service i find all my apps stuck in the Deploying phase. Any help is much appreciated.

Last activity Feb 08 by Franky Egan.
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Change Host name in AppWorks Database

Posted Jan 29 by Remon Medhat.

We want to permanently change the host in the "GateWayNode" table in the appworks . every time we change it manually it reverts back after service restart. thank you.

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Configure TempoBox with HTTPS connection

Posted Jan 28 by Remon Medhat.

We have TempoBox deployed and the url of the tempoBox is Aliased , We configured TempoBox to work with HTTPS connection , so whenever we add apps/bundles we go to the database and change the default hostname of the deployment from the hostname [more]

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can't login to Tempo Box

Posted Jan 23 by Remon Medhat.
Updated Jan 23.

Hello , we are installing tempo box but when i enter the right username/password combination on the tempo box login page it just refresh the page and i don't get any message . In the Content service log it says " 2019-01-23 13:52:52.680 [more]

Last activity Jan 23 by Remon Medhat.
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Tempo Box - External users not receiving email notification

Posted Jan 04 by Harish Thunga.

Hi All, We are trying to send invitation to external users to access the shared tempo box folders. While sharing , the email notification is not being sent to the external user however User has been created in the OTDS with proper userid [more]

Last activity Dec 12 by Albertto Lie.
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TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is

Posted Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
Updated Dec 10.

Manage tempo box participant from content server UI give me error >TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is undefined participant that has been set before also not shown cs 16.2.1 content service module 16.0.0 [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
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Cannot determine CS resource id via func otdsintegration.getresourceid

Posted Dec 01 by Daniel Wang.

Hi Experts, When I install Tempo Box, I got the below error message after I installed the OTSync Connector. - Tomcat 8.0.53 - OTDS - Content Server 16.2.5 - AppWorks GateWay 16.2.1 - otsync connector 16.1.2 [more]

Last activity Dec 01 by Daniel Wang.
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Cannot login to Tempo Box

Posted Sep 27 by Juan van der Westhuizen.
Updated Sep 28.

Hi, I recently installed Content Server 16.2.5 with Java 8 Update 162, Tomcat 8.0, Appworks Gateway 16.2.1 and Content Service 16.1.2. All has been configured and setup OTDS resources. Appworks Gateway and OTDS run on two different machines. [more]

Last activity Sep 28 by Juan van der Westhuizen.
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Cannot login to tempobox

Posted Sep 19 by Yueting Wang.

Hi all, I am using OTAG 16.4, Tempobox bundle 16.1.2, Content Server 16.2.5 with OTDS 16.04. The OTAG is hosted on Tomcat 8.0 with Java version 1.8.0_181 Currently I have installed OTAG, content services, OTAG to content server connectivity [more]

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Tempobox as default webapp

Posted Sep 11 by Vincent Dumon.

Hello, Is there a way to configure tempobox (/content) as default webapp instead of application gateway (/gateway)? Regards vincent

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