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Re-Branding WebAccess and TempoBox for Corporate L&F

Posted Jun 18 by Anthony Miller.

Hi, I've been asked to investigate rebranding of the AppWorks gateway (WebAccess) and TempoBox. The client does not want any reference to OpenText or AppWorks in the UI's. So, other than edit the css files directly (and obviously add the [more]

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AppWorks server specs

Posted Jun 01 by Vishalin Pillay.

HI We are going ahead to install AppWorks within a DMZ and content server residing outside the DMZ. This is for Tempobox. i would like to know what will be the the server specs for us to install AppWorks on. Eg space?Ram? can someone [more]

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Can we increase the Tempo logging level?

Posted Sep 05 by Mike Brigham.

We have an issue whereby External users do not get sent a "welcome" email when added to a Share for the first time. The user is added to OTDS and receives notification for any subsequent shares they are added to. It is the initial [more]

Last activity Sep 11 by Andre Kusuma.
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Answered TempoBox Login problems

Posted May 25 by Andy Knapp.

Hi guys, I have an existing Opentext xECM install, that I'm trying to set up TempoBox on. I've completed all the steps in the install document, including installing Appworks Gateway 1.1.6, the TempoBox bundle, activated the various appworks [more]

Last activity May 28 by Simon Day.
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Appworks Gateway - unable to deploy anything

Posted Nov 14 by Ondrej Poldauf.

Hello, I am trying to install Appwork Gateway 1.2.2 for Tempo Box (CS 16). When I try to deploy any application via web interface it throws 500 error and aborts. I am attaching my tomcat (8.5.6) configuration and logs. I have already [more]

Last activity Nov 30 by Moww Abdin.
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Where is Registration Service?

Posted Feb 06 by Oliver Mai.

Hi, I installed AppWorks Gateway 1.1.5 with AppWorks Component Bundle 1.1.5, TempoBox 10.5, OT Everywhere 10.0 and TempoNotes 1.0 in Connection with Content Server 10 Update 13. Self registration doesn't work as the webapp /registrationservice [more]

Last activity Feb 06 by Oliver Mai.
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TempoBox\Everywhere QA environment refreshed with Prod

Posted May 20 by Johan Crafford.

Hi there, We refreshed our QA environment with Prod data (SQL Db, EFS, CS instances), we do that regularly. This is now the first time we are doing a refresh since we installed Tempo Box 10.0.4 and OT Everywhere 10 and i am not sure what [more]

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Answered Tempo Box, VM's, and iPad app

Posted Jul 16 by Berry Krouwel.

Hello everyone, I recently installed Tempo Box (and Content Server) on a VM to try out the installation procedure. Worked fine, but I'm stumped with one final step in the process, and I can't seem to find my error. I have Content Server [more]

Last activity Nov 20 by Berry Krouwel.
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SEA Servlet and Tempo Box 10.5

Posted Aug 06 by Philip Forshaw.

Hi, we are currently installing Tempo Box 10.5 on a Linux box that hosts our CS10 SEA Servlet. Is there any documentation or does anyone know of tips and gotchas that we should know about? Thanks, Phil

Last activity Aug 07 by Curtis Mutter.
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Caching and the need for OTAG to direct Tempo Box users to local OTCS (cache) instances

Posted Sep 02 by Danai Sae-Han.

Hi Tempo Box allows users to store a great deal of their most cherished documents offline. However, for MNCs with a lot of roaming users this could be a problem, as users need to synchronise their documents. Not everyone is willing to host [more]

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Answered Is OTDS requirement for Appworks installation?

Posted Sep 15 by Pradeep Tekkey.

Newbie question here... Is OTDS a requirement for AppWorks? Is it necessary if I am using Tempo Box or Everywhere? Can I use our already existing AD or LDAP server? Thanks. - Pradeep

Last activity Sep 15 by Andre Kusuma.
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Answered Gateway E-mails

Posted Sep 29 by Uldis Silovs.

Hi, We've a problem with e-mail sending from gateway. We have OpenText AppWorks Gateway v1.1.6. Have configured SMTP fields in Mail Settings under Settings. Tried various options, but none seems to work. Haven't received any e-mails from [more]

Last activity Oct 06 by Uldis Silovs.
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