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command setup_connect for sap connect is not running

Posted Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
Updated Oct 13.

Hi , i am running command setup_sap for installing SAP Connect on linux but its not getting run . can anyone please help me if i am missing any step? or need to set environment for setup_sap command on linux? any doc or any link that can [more]

Last activity Oct 13 by himanshu pandey.
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Creative review not opening in IFrame in IOS mobile client

Posted Sep 13 by mounika G.

Hi, I am facing an issue when I try to load creative review in iframe in a IOS, it is not working where as it is working fine with android.Can anyone help on this? Thank you.

Last activity Sep 14 by mounika G.
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Case insensitive filter on MBPM Custom List

Posted Apr 08 by Alessandro Castaldelli.
Updated Apr 08.

How can I use a filter in a MBPM custom list in Case Insensitive mode? I want to use "Contains" filter but without matching the case of the filtered string. It seems that all the filters on custom lists are case sensitive. I'm [more]

Last activity Mar 03 by Hiren Chavda.
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MBPM Deployment error for a process converted from 7.6 to 9

Posted Feb 17 by Deleep Nair.

Getting the following error when deploying the solution: Fatal -> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): String or binary data would be truncated. The statement has been terminated. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException [more]

Last activity Feb 19 by Deleep Nair.
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MBPM Web Client add custom button to the main screen

Posted Mar 24 by Alessandro Castaldelli.
Updated Mar 24.

Hi, i'm trying to add a custom button for open a web page into homescreen on MBPM (9.2.1). I have followed "Web client administration guide" paragraphs: - 1.30 (Adding Custom Buttons) - 1.32 (Display the contents of an external [more]

Last activity Mar 24 by Alessandro Castaldelli.
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Answered MBPM V9 Dynamic Roles

Posted Oct 08 by Pierre Ballon.

Hi all, I'm trying to address a list of user (Using SelectSQL) to a process variable so it grants these users the targeted dynamic role (as we were doing in version 7). MyRole is populated by a Map1Data.memMyVariable. I can't fix [more]

Last activity Oct 09 by Marcin Pacyga.
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