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Creating Node Timeouts & Performance

Posted Mar 20 by Jack Cameron.

Hi, I'm currently uploading documents through the API using the create node endpoint. Every so often when documents are being creating, the API call will take upwards of 300+ seconds, DTU consumption % will shoot up 10% and then the document [more]

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How long time does it take to store a document using API - Performance reference numbers

Posted Apr 23 by Geir Berglind.
Updated Apr 23 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi! We have a job importing documents (PDF/TIF) using web services. Storing one document requires one call to CreateDocumentContext (3 - 4 attributes), then doing a call to UploadContent (avg. document size 750 kb). Our average processing [more]

Last activity Apr 28 by Patrick Vitali.
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