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API - Return subset of results.

Posted Jan 08 by Franky Egan.

Im using the POST api/v2/search api for 16.2. I only want the ID values for each returned result; "results": [ { "data": { "properties": { "id": [more]

Last activity Feb 19 by Greg Griffiths.
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Answered Does REST API support for multilingual

Posted Sep 26 by Akshay Bedarkar.

Does REST API support requests and response for different languages supported by Content Server 10.5 Ex. multi-lingual text search and creation of folders. In particular we are looking such functionalities to be implemented for Portuguese, [more]

Last activity Jan 06 by Khurram Shahzad.
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Uploading documents using the Java implementation of REST API not working

Posted Dec 18 by Mentor Belalla.
Updated Dec 18.

Greetings. I'm new to the OPENTEXT Rest API and while I'm able to authenticate/create folders using it, I can't get the document upload to work. The following is the code I've been using: import; import [more]

Last activity Jan 02 by Mentor Belalla.
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Content Server REST API - search entire folder path in one call

Posted Aug 13 by Robert Foster.

Hi, I am brand new at using REST and working with Content Server (16.2.4 in this case ). I am tasked with locating, then downloading, a specific file. That file might be in a folder structure similar to this "folder 1/folder2/folder [more]

Last activity Aug 13 by Sergey Bakumenko.
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Content Server - Override WebNode action with a Javascript call

Posted Aug 03 by Nick Furness.

Hi, Is it possible to change the override we currently have that allows us to change the action performed on a document to go to a URL that invokes our viewer. Would it be possible to the same behaviour but call a javascript function with [more]

Last activity Aug 06 by Greg Griffiths.
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Unable to obtain file content via REST API

Posted May 09 by Marian Farkas.

Hello experts - I'm testing REST APIs on our CS 16.2.1 that I need for next project. Many of them work; I'm able to obtain OTCSticket and use it in header of my next call (using javascript for testing). So I'm able to get document name, description, [more]

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Get Modified documents in a date range smaller than a day.

Posted Mar 15 by Jonathan Dubé.

Hi, I am currently trying to use the XML Search API (or REST API) to retrieve modified documents in let's say the last 15 minutes. I know that with this request : http://hostname/OTCS/cs.exe?func=search&outputformat=xml&lookFor1=otstarts&where1="<OTModifyDate>" [more]

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CORS and Content Server API - Preflight issues

Posted Sep 27 by Jeremy Pedro.
Updated Sep 28.

I have noticed that while using fetch that any CORS triggering request(post, put, delete,...) will fail because the OPTIONS preflight request sent by the browser lacks the OTCSTicket authorization header, as you can't add custom headers to a [more]

Last activity Oct 16 by Jeremy Pedro.
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Missing Property(mime_type) from Property Filter. Content Server API v2.

Posted Sep 28 by Jeremy Pedro.
Updated Sep 28.

When you make a call like `api/v2/nodes/{{NodeID}}/nodes?fields=properties` the response looks like this. results: [ { data: { properties: { container: false, [more]

Last activity Sep 28 by Jeremy Pedro.
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Ability to Create Binders from API

Posted Aug 22 by Utsav Singh.

Hi, I am looking to create Binder using opentext api. I have been able to create folder using Subtype of the node = 0. I want to know if API lets me create Binder and what is the "Subtype of the node" value for Binder. See Screen [more]

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Large files failing in Add version in prod

Posted Jul 11 by Shekhar Sharma.

We are using webservices to add version to existing files and it is getting failed with error : " Connection reset by peer: socket write error" It is happening for file size > 3 mb. Please help me [more]

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REST API Create Virtual Folder

Posted Jun 16 by Mathijs Depuydt.

Hi, We're trying to create a Virtual Folder via the REST API. Currently we're having some issues with passing the correct "datatype" for the Selected Facets list. We're getting the following error: `Error: Could not process [more]

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