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Change Host name in AppWorks Database

Posted Jan 29 by Remon Medhat.

We want to permanently change the host in the "GateWayNode" table in the appworks . every time we change it manually it reverts back after service restart. thank you.

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Configure TempoBox with HTTPS connection

Posted Jan 28 by Remon Medhat.

We have TempoBox deployed and the url of the tempoBox is Aliased , We configured TempoBox to work with HTTPS connection , so whenever we add apps/bundles we go to the database and change the default hostname of the deployment from the hostname [more]

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How to call Process Suite REST service from Appworks Mobile

Posted Nov 01 by Rijas Abdu.

We are trying to develop a mobile app in Appworks . We need to a call a Process suite REST service from the Appworks Mobile Application. If the process Suite service is Anonymous service the service call is working fine and we are getting [more]

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How to set default execution of the iHub report to "view as xlsx" instead of html?

Posted Oct 25 by Ravikumar Rongali.

Hi Team, I want to make one of my iHub report (not all reports in iHub) execution to be default view as xlsx. means, if i open/click the report in iHub the output should be display in xlsx by default instead of html. can anyone help me on [more]

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Error installing appworks-cli: Failed at the node-sass@3.8.0 postinstall script.

Posted Aug 09 by Douglas Gillespie.

I'm having problems installing appworks-cli. I've tried both using npm and installing it from the clone git repository. The issue is installing node-sass@3.8.0. I can install the latest node-sass, but 3.8.0 won't install. Cannot download [more]

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Content Server Mobile Client Distribution for iOS

Posted Jul 26 by Matthias Schoenmakers.
Updated Jul 26.

Hi, Does anyone know what Runtime to add for immediate configuration of the Content Server Mobile iOS app using the Mobile Client Distribution? Kind regards, Matthias

Last activity Jul 26 by Matthias Schoenmakers.
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AppWorks 16.4 OTDS connection fails with NoSuchFieldException: method

Posted Jul 11 by Bart Maes.

Hi all We are trying to install AppWorks Gateway 16.4.0 at our customer's side. After successful connection to the MSSQL 2016 SP2 database, we want to connect to the existing OTDS 16.2.2 installation. The AWG installation wizard starts [more]

Last activity Jul 12 by Bart Maes.
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CS Mobile 16.2.4 is not yet compatible with AppWorks Gateway 16.4

Posted Jul 11 by Cory Sharplin.

Anyone have any work around for installed CS Mobile 16.2.4 not being compatible with AppWorks Gateway 16.4. (please see p.7). CS Mobile 16.2.4 is only compatible with AppWorks Gateway v16.2 and v16.3. Feature Request ID (OTAG-8185), for [more]

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Answered Push AppWorks gateway server address to clients

Posted Jun 27 by Bart Maes.

Hi Is it possible to push the Server Address configuration from AppWorks Gateway to the Content Server Mobile app? This to avoid the end users having to enter the server address themselves. Kind regards, Bart Maes

Last activity Jun 28 by Pete Oliver.
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Answered AppWorks VPN connection

Posted Jun 26 by Bart Maes.
Updated Jun 26.

Hi We'd like to install AppWorks 16.2 within our customers intranet. End users would like to connect via VPN. Will the AppWorks application pick up general VPN settings from the iPhone's configuration or can it only use its dedicated [more]

Last activity Jun 27 by Bart Maes.
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Answered How to change connection in AppWorks Desktop on Mac OSX

Posted Jun 06 by Kirti Mistry.
Updated Jun 06.

Hi I have downloaded AppWorks Desktop from Resources( I like to change the connection. I can't find any option to change the connection. I did uninstall [more]

Last activity Jun 07 by Kirti Mistry.
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Error activating OTDS resource

Posted Mar 07 by Matthew Barben.

Hi There, I am installing an Appworks server (16.2.1) and it appears to be failing on activating the external OTDS resource: 2018-03-08 04:39:08,8152018-03-08T04:39:08,815 [http-nio-80-exec-7] ERROR auth.otds.OtdsInstaller - Failed [more]

Last activity Mar 18 by Matthew Barben.
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