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Answered Authentication to REST APIs not served from OTAG

Posted Feb 18 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Feb 18.

A JavaScript application running on AppWorks has an access to the `otagtoken` and can perform AJAX requests to REST APIS served from the same origin. How about communicating with other REST APIs and enjoying SSO coming from the initial login [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Andrew Nuckols.
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Obtaining auth ticket from OTDS using OTDS logon page (for IWA/SSO)

Posted Jul 13 by Nick O'Connor.

Hi all, My scenarios is as follows: We have OTDS 10.5 and Content Server 10.5, and we have developed some RESTful webservices that sit independent of Content Server/OTDS. We also have a Javascript-only (no JSP/etc) client. We want to get [more]

Last activity Jul 26 by Nick O'Connor.
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OTAG and Livelink Users

Posted Apr 02 by Paul Maker.

Hi, I have created a new user in the OTAG admin interface (admin user) and can login to the gateway just fine. However, it fails from the app! I get this in the logs: INFO: ,2014/04/02 08:16:17 BST,9009227951327819450,3736474410320633806,Push [more]

Last activity Apr 07 by Werner De Jong.
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Enabling SSL (HTTPS)

Posted May 12 by Ola Hellgren.
Updated May 13.

I have enabled Tomcat 7 to run with HTTPS enabled on port 8443, hence my URL to the AppWorks server is `https://<ip>:8443`. It seems to work fine to log in to webaccess and to the gateway. But when connecting to trough the **AppWorks app [more]

Last activity Jul 30 by Ugis Godmanis.
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Deleting a Document via REST

Posted Aug 22 by Eben de Roock.
Updated Aug 22 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi, I'm trying to delete a document using the REST API for Content Server, but I get an **Authentication Required** error, but if I change my request method to **GET** from **DELETE** I do not get the error and the node details are returned. Any [more]

Last activity Sep 18 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered Appworks sample app for CS without OTDS

Posted Oct 13 by Jaroslav Bambous.
Updated Oct 14 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hello, I'd like to know whether the demo app <> will work on appworks where tempo is installed with content server authentication [more]

Last activity Mar 16 by Meenal Meshram.
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Closed Authentication failed error

Posted Oct 17 by Pradeep Tekkey.

Hello, I am trying to configure Appworks and have chosen embedded derby database with existing OTDS as directory server. After successful installation when I try to connect to the server http://server:8080/gateway using the default username [more]

Last activity Oct 21 by Pradeep Tekkey.
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Answered REST URL Authentication within Content Server while using WebReports

Posted Dec 04 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello, I have CS10.5 U2014-09 (configured for Windows Auth) and planning to have multiple REST calls in a WebReport to display the info. Since I have already authenticated in CS via Windows Auth and how can I get the ticket so that I can [more]

Last activity Dec 06 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Appworks and External Web Apps

Posted May 14 by Tyler Ford.
Updated May 15 by Marcin Pacyga.

Is there a way that appworks can pass on it's authentication to a windows authentication based web app? For example, a user logs into ECM Everywhere with there username and password and then the click on a link within that app that takes them [more]

Last activity May 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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OTDS -> Content Server Automated testing using 3rd party

Posted Nov 24 by Jean-Francois Larente.

Hello, I'm trying to build an automated test script (using Visual Studio / .NET) and I'm having some trouble authenticating (capturing and passing the OTDS ticket) to Content Server. I currently call otds:8080/otdsws/login and capture [more]

Last activity Dec 01 by Jean-Francois Larente.
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How to Import/Upload assets/files into a OTMM Folder from AppWorks?

Posted Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Nov 26.

I have found following otmmapi rest services from [Media Manager API v2][1] >POST /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/ >POST /otmmapi/v2/renditions/ >PUT /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/{import-job-id} How can I use this services with AppWorks [more]

Last activity Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
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Authentication REST API call from C# or Java

Posted Jan 15 by Glen Saldanha.

Hello, does anyone have an example to connect to CS using the CS authentication REST API from C# or Java. I am also trying to create a Template Workspace Binder using the APIs however in vain. Any sample would be helpful. Thanks in advance

Last activity Jan 24 by Glen Saldanha.
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