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Account gets disabled when a lot of requests are made

Posted Mar 29 by Jeff Wogan.

My client is running Content Server 10.5 and I'm coding to the rest api. My task is to move a series of files from one folder to another. It works if I only attempt 1 or 2 files at a time. But if I loop over 30 files, my account gets disabled. [more]

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Get Modified documents in a date range smaller than a day.

Posted Mar 15 by Jonathan Dubé.

Hi, I am currently trying to use the XML Search API (or REST API) to retrieve modified documents in let's say the last 15 minutes. I know that with this request : http://hostname/OTCS/cs.exe?func=search&outputformat=xml&lookFor1=otstarts&where1="<OTModifyDate>" [more]

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CORS and Content Server API - Preflight issues

Posted Sep 27 by Jeremy Pedro.
Updated Sep 28.

I have noticed that while using fetch that any CORS triggering request(post, put, delete,...) will fail because the OPTIONS preflight request sent by the browser lacks the OTCSTicket authorization header, as you can't add custom headers to a [more]

Last activity Oct 16 by Jeremy Pedro.
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Missing Property(mime_type) from Property Filter. Content Server API v2.

Posted Sep 28 by Jeremy Pedro.
Updated Sep 28.

When you make a call like `api/v2/nodes/{{NodeID}}/nodes?fields=properties` the response looks like this. results: [ { data: { properties: { container: false, [more]

Last activity Sep 28 by Jeremy Pedro.
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Ability to Create Binders from API

Posted Aug 22 by Utsav Singh.

Hi, I am looking to create Binder using opentext api. I have been able to create folder using Subtype of the node = 0. I want to know if API lets me create Binder and what is the "Subtype of the node" value for Binder. See Screen [more]

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Large files failing in Add version in prod

Posted Jul 11 by Shekhar Sharma.

We are using webservices to add version to existing files and it is getting failed with error : " Connection reset by peer: socket write error" It is happening for file size > 3 mb. Please help me [more]

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Get all subnodes for a node

Posted Feb 07 by Shekhar Sharma.

I am using content server api v1(2014-06) getSubNodes method. It is fetching maximum 100 results for a subnode based on page. I tried to set higher limits but still it shows max 100 results. Is there a way to get all subnodes without any [more]

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Answered Rest API not working

Posted Mar 10 by Khurram Shahzad.

Hi, I am trying to call api/v1/apiinfo (to get started on Rest API) but its repeatedly prompting for login/password. User is valid and can browse CS on same url. I have checked the RestAPI module and it is installed. Am i missing anything [more]

Last activity Mar 13 by Khurram Shahzad.
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Answered Put Permissions on a Node for a user through CS Rest API

Posted Apr 09 by Kadiapu Dushyanth Vihari.

Hi, Is there any way to "Put" or Modify permissions on a node for a user through CS rest API.. Thanks and regards, Dushyanth Vihari Kadiapu

Last activity Feb 27 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered REST API for downloading multiple documents

Posted Jan 20 by Ram Prasad Chaturvedi.

**Is it possible to download multiple documents in a single REST Web service call.** I wanted to return streams of files in a socket so at client side we will use some metadata information as identifier for differentiating the files. [more]

Last activity Jan 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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How long time does it take to store a document using API - Performance reference numbers

Posted Apr 23 by Geir Berglind.
Updated Apr 23 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi! We have a job importing documents (PDF/TIF) using web services. Storing one document requires one call to CreateDocumentContext (3 - 4 attributes), then doing a call to UploadContent (avg. document size 750 kb). Our average processing [more]

Last activity Apr 28 by Patrick Vitali.
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