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Looking for some examples on using REST API for workflows

Posted Feb 13 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello, We are currently doing a POC on using Content Server 16.2.3 REST API for Workflows for below scenarios: • Initiate workflows using Alpaca forms • Upload docs before we initiate workflows • Show form data in Alapaca [more]

Last activity Nov 19 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.
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file upload using array of bytes (Java)

Posted Mar 03 by Shekhar Sharma.

We are trying to use rest api "Create Node" in our Java code and implemented upload functionality. But whenever we are passing array bytes of document, we are getting success (200) but not getting node id in response and document [more]

Last activity Jan 30 by Cristian Suciu.
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How to pass NTLM Authentication to an AJAX call with REST API

Posted May 06 by Alban Loxha.

When posting a document to CS with REST API, how can I pass NTLM authentication to REST when making an ajax call for users? For testing we're using 'admin' username/password to handle the authentication (see example below) and post documents, [more]

Last activity May 31 by Alban Loxha.
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List of Types of Nodes can be created with Rest API

Posted Mar 21 by Khurram Shahzad.

Hi, Is there any document which lists alt the types of nodes we can create using Rest API. I have randomly tried with couple of node types and have a mix results like Email folder, folder, Document are fine and can be created whereas when [more]

Last activity Mar 22 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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How can I add a new document to Content Server 10.5 using the REST api?

Posted Dec 28 by Mark Bellhouse.

How can I add a new document to Content Server 10.5 using the REST api? I am following the Swagger docs for creating a node, but it is not clear how I attach the file to the request. Here is (roughly) the code I am using: var folderId [more]

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Using REST API to Sync Users

Posted Aug 24 by Peter Magee.

Our Content Server deployment currently uses a Java program which makes calls to the old LAPI interface to synchronize CS users with LDAP users. We would like to reconstruct this process to use the more current (and supported) REST API. What [more]

Last activity Oct 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Upload Large file Using C# and Rest API

Posted Jun 05 by kumar dwarakanath.

Hi Folks, Has any one tried uploading large file to CS using REST API method. what is bet way of streaming file to CS. Do we need any configuration at IIS , CS?. I would like to use REST API if it can Support Large file Upload. Please share [more]

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Upload document and update multiple categories using C#.Net and Rest API

Posted Jun 05 by kumar dwarakanath.

Has any one tried uploading document with multiple categories using C#.NET. Can any body help by scribbling syntax for passing multiple categories. if you have any sample Please forwarded to me. Cheers, Kumar

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