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Where are saved the users informations ?

Posted May 26 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 26.

In the database generated by AppWorks, in which table ate stored the users ? There is a USERSTATE table, but it only stores information about the user photo and the last seen event. Where are the other user info like name, address, email, [more]

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AppWorks 1.1.6 database compatibility

Posted Dec 17 by Jeffrey Lai.
Updated Dec 18 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi, Which version of MSSQL Server, ORACLE and MYSQL are compatible with AppWork 1.1.6? Does MSSQL Express work? I couldn't find this information mentioned in document and forum. Thanks, Jeffrey

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Cannot connect AppWorks 16.1 to Microsoft SQL-Database after Re-Installation

Posted Dec 16 by Himand Ebadi.

Hi! First I was able to connect the Gateway 16.1 to my SQL database. Then I add to remove it due to some error with the Login. After trying to do a Setup and connect it to my SQL it says "Could not connect to database, see logs for more [more]

Last activity Dec 19 by Himand Ebadi.
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