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Configure TempoBox with HTTPS connection

Posted Jan 28 by Remon Medhat.

We have TempoBox deployed and the url of the tempoBox is Aliased , We configured TempoBox to work with HTTPS connection , so whenever we add apps/bundles we go to the database and change the default hostname of the deployment from the hostname [more]

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Content Server Mobile Client Distribution for iOS

Posted Jul 26 by Matthias Schoenmakers.
Updated Jul 26.

Hi, Does anyone know what Runtime to add for immediate configuration of the Content Server Mobile iOS app using the Mobile Client Distribution? Kind regards, Matthias

Last activity Jul 26 by Matthias Schoenmakers.
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CS Mobile 16.2.4 is not yet compatible with AppWorks Gateway 16.4

Posted Jul 11 by Cory Sharplin.

Anyone have any work around for installed CS Mobile 16.2.4 not being compatible with AppWorks Gateway 16.4. (please see p.7). CS Mobile 16.2.4 is only compatible with AppWorks Gateway v16.2 and v16.3. Feature Request ID (OTAG-8185), for [more]

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Answered Push AppWorks gateway server address to clients

Posted Jun 27 by Bart Maes.

Hi Is it possible to push the Server Address configuration from AppWorks Gateway to the Content Server Mobile app? This to avoid the end users having to enter the server address themselves. Kind regards, Bart Maes

Last activity Jun 28 by Pete Oliver.
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Configure appworks gateway - unable to select the Internal use license?

Posted Mar 14 by Kare Berget.

Hi, When your first starting to configure the appworks gateway, you have to select internal use/evaluation license. When selecting the license for internal use, and clicking "Proceed", I get the following error: **"We were [more]

Last activity Mar 14 by Kare Berget.
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Deployment Monitor is stalling. New deployments are staging/failing in AppWorks Gateway 16.2.1

Posted Jul 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Jul 26.

Even after undeploying the service from gateway. The services are not getting removed from deployment monitor. Whenever I restart the AppWorks Gateway, It's trying to deploy the removed apps/services. One important observation is somehow [more]

Last activity Sep 05 by Aidan Wojtas.
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Closed Gateway not loading after install, I get a blank screen.

Posted Aug 11 by Darrell Lee.

This is a fresh OOB install. Running OpenText AppWorks Gateway 16.2.1 build - 680 Host OS - Windows Server 2012 R2 Tomcat version - Apache Tomcat/8.0.45 Java version - 1.8.0_141 JVM args - -Dcatalina.home=E:\Program Files\Apache Software [more]

Last activity Aug 11 by Darrell Lee.
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How to reset password for AppWorks Gateway 1.1.2 or 16.1 for OTAG user?

Posted Dec 19 by Himand Ebadi.

Can anybody tell me how to reset the AppWorks Gateway password for the OTAG user without reinstalling all of it?!

Last activity Apr 24 by Paulino Espana.
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Cannot connect AppWorks 16.1 to Microsoft SQL-Database after Re-Installation

Posted Dec 16 by Himand Ebadi.

Hi! First I was able to connect the Gateway 16.1 to my SQL database. Then I add to remove it due to some error with the Login. After trying to do a Setup and connect it to my SQL it says "Could not connect to database, see logs for more [more]

Last activity Dec 19 by Himand Ebadi.
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Appworks Gateway Configuration for Tempo Box

Posted Mar 31 by Dibyendu Sen.

We are using Content Server 10.5 and appworks gateway 1.1.6 to set-up Tempo Box.My question is on OpenText AppWorks Gateway Settings screen: 1. Shall we use the existing CS10 content server database Admin user's and Service name or we have [more]

Last activity Apr 06 by Karen Ranger.
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Answered Gateway 1.1.6 and otds

Posted May 29 by Uldis Silovs.
Updated May 29 by Marcin Pacyga.

Hi, i had gateway 1.1.5 with built in otds. Now I want to update gateway to 1.1.6. Will built in otds also be updated? How do I apply patch 2 for built in otds? Or is it already patched within gateway 1.1.6 package? Thanks [more]

Last activity May 30 by Alex Jewell.
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Closed AppWorks Gateway API not working ?

Posted May 26 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 26.

So, I'm a begginer and I'm trying to use the AppWorks Gateway API v2, using AppWorks Gateway 1.1.6. When I try to do a GET on http://myserver:8080/gateway/api/v2/profile, I get a "The requested resource is not available" response. [more]

Last activity May 26 by Pedro Pereira.
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