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AppWorks Mobile app fails to connect on HTTPS port

Posted Feb 13 by Sunny Ghataura.

Hi, Having installed and configuring AppWorks 16.5, I am running into an issue where the mobile app fails to connect with the following error: ![enter image description here](/awd/content/get/30548166/AppWorks_Error.jpg) If I navigate [more]

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Enabling SSL (HTTPS)

Posted May 12 by Ola Hellgren.
Updated May 13.

I have enabled Tomcat 7 to run with HTTPS enabled on port 8443, hence my URL to the AppWorks server is `https://<ip>:8443`. It seems to work fine to log in to webaccess and to the gateway. But when connecting to trough the **AppWorks app [more]

Last activity Jul 30 by Ugis Godmanis.
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OTAG Proxy and HTTPS problem

Posted Jun 12 by Ugis Godmanis.
Updated Jun 12.

Hello, I'm trying to set up OTAG proxy for accessing Content Server. I have OTAG running on Tomcat (hosts otag, runs on 8080 and 8443) with self signed certificate as well as IIS (that hosts CS, runs on 80 and 443) with self signed certificate. [more]

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