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How to relate user profile in my Services/Apps

Posted May 20 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 23.

Hi. I'm learning how to work with AppWorks, but I'm kind of stuck here... I want to create a simple service/app to share messages/topics/ideias/whatever. Each message will have a title, a message and a date. I would also like to each message [more]

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Connecting to existing OTDS failed

Posted Feb 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Mar 30.

I'm installing OTAG 1.1.5 with the local Oracle XE and an external OTDS 10.5.0, running on Tomcat 7.0.42, JDK 1.7.0_21. OTDS has the patch OTDS-1050-002 applied. The first configuring at the /gateway page ends up with this error: Error: [more]

Last activity Nov 06 by Alvine AGBO.
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Using OTAG server as a Reverse Proxy?

Posted Jan 03 by Matthew Hong.

We have a online App need to access the Content Server behind the firewall. I have installed Tomcat, AppWorks Gateway 1.0 and OT Everywhere Apps 10.0.0 on my test server. I also had the OTAG Reverse Proxy Service configured. Can I use this server [more]

Last activity Jan 03 by John Wilkinson.
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OTAG Proxy and HTTPS problem

Posted Jun 12 by Ugis Godmanis.
Updated Jun 12.

Hello, I'm trying to set up OTAG proxy for accessing Content Server. I have OTAG running on Tomcat (hosts otag, runs on 8080 and 8443) with self signed certificate as well as IIS (that hosts CS, runs on 80 and 443) with self signed certificate. [more]

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Answered Error:Problem installing or configuring OpenText Directory Services.

Posted Nov 09 by Alvine AGBO.

Dear Support, I have installed OTDS 10.5 for Content Server 10.5 and now I am installing OTAG 1.1.6 and connected it to the existing OTDS 10.5 After the deployment of OTAG, I have selected the option to connect to an existing OTDS. I declared [more]

Last activity Nov 12 by Alvine AGBO.
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Getting otdsticket from OTAG application

Posted Jul 24 by Medhy Salim.
Updated Jul 24.

Hello, How can I get access to the **otdsticket** from a mobile app in **OTAG**? or, alternatively, how can I get it using the **otag-server-common.jar** library in my tomcat/lib directory? I don't want to provide credentials for it, I would [more]

Last activity Aug 12 by Medhy Salim.
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SSO in Tempo Box

Posted Feb 22 by Vasyl Mukhar.

Hi all, I'm wondering how to configure tempo box webaccess not to ask credentials, when accessing it from Content Server's personal menu. My Environment is: - Content Server 10 Update 2015-12 (version - OTDS 10.2.1 - Appworks [more]

Last activity Feb 24 by Pete Oliver.
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AppWorks reDeploy

Posted Nov 29 by Moww Abdin.

Hi, AppWorks 1.2.2 Tomcat 8.0.38 JDK 1.8u111 / JRE 1.8u111 I've deployed AppWorks 1.2.2 on separate server and I managed to go through the setting page and created the otag partition. after that the AppWorks gives Internal Server [more]

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Appworks not Deploying after installation

Posted Nov 30 by Moww Abdin.

Hi I have this issue Tomcat 8.0.38 - JDK 8u111 - AppWorks 1.2.2 - OTDS 16 Trying to configure the AppWorks it throws lot of errors Gateway 2016-11-30 18:06:11.610 INFO - A warning about [more]

Last activity Mar 07 by Matthew Barben.
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How to reset password for AppWorks Gateway 1.1.2 or 16.1 for OTAG user?

Posted Dec 19 by Himand Ebadi.

Can anybody tell me how to reset the AppWorks Gateway password for the OTAG user without reinstalling all of it?!

Last activity Apr 24 by Paulino Espana.
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Deployment Monitor is stalling. New deployments are staging/failing in AppWorks Gateway 16.2.1

Posted Jul 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Jul 26.

Even after undeploying the service from gateway. The services are not getting removed from deployment monitor. Whenever I restart the AppWorks Gateway, It's trying to deploy the removed apps/services. One important observation is somehow [more]

Last activity Sep 05 by Aidan Wojtas.
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OTAG 16.6 to have SAML 2.0 Support?

Posted Feb 26 by Cody Woods.

We are looking to implement Content Server Mobile with support for multi-factor authentication with ADFS. I understand that OTAG 16.6 will have SAML 2.0 support so we can use ADFS with mult-factor for authentication. Is that correct? And [more]

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