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Appworks not Deploying after installation

Posted Nov 30 by Moww Abdin.

Hi I have this issue Tomcat 8.0.38 - JDK 8u111 - AppWorks 1.2.2 - OTDS 16 Trying to configure the AppWorks it throws lot of errors Gateway 2016-11-30 18:06:11.610 INFO - A warning about [more]

Last activity Mar 07 by Matthew Barben.
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Answered Unable to complete installation of AppWorks Gateway

Posted Mar 17 by David Bartlett.
Updated Mar 17 by Marcin Pacyga.

I have installed Tomcat 8.0.20, Derby, and AppGateway 1.1.6. Running on Windows 7 Professional. No previous installations of any of the above applications. No changes to the OpenText AppWorks Gateway Setting; using defaults. The [more]

Last activity Mar 19 by Chris Ditchburn.
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