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Answered Authentication to REST APIs not served from OTAG

Posted Feb 18 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Feb 18.

A JavaScript application running on AppWorks has an access to the `otagtoken` and can perform AJAX requests to REST APIS served from the same origin. How about communicating with other REST APIs and enjoying SSO coming from the initial login [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Andrew Nuckols.
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Process Suite - Cordys REST APIs required in next release?

Posted Apr 03 by Rajasekar Subbian Kalimuthu.

Hi, [REST APIs][1] list the capability in Process Suite 10.5 release. I want your feedback/input on the next set of REST APIs required from Cordys. As we're planning the next Process Suite release this information will be useful to meet [more]

Last activity Apr 08 by Mohan Sharma.
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Answered How to validate if REST API is successfully deployed on content server

Posted Apr 16 by Vijhay Devarajan.

Hi I am very new to the REST API & AppWorks arena. I have installed CS 10.5 on Windows 2008 & would like validate if REST API is successfully deployed. Also, what significance does jQuery.js file play in-terms authenticating, adding [more]

Last activity Feb 12 by Steffen Roller.
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Posted May 28 by Mohamed Ltaief.
Updated May 28.

Hi, Is there a way to get all nodes with the same subType from every where in Content Server? Thanks.

Last activity May 30 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Comparing APIs - CWS vs AppWorks vs CS REST API 1.0

Posted Jul 22 by Harvey Flaisher.

Hello: Could someone please post the differences between these three APIs? What services are available with CS 10? are there more available w/CS 10.5? I have read this,, [more]

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Answered Delete a Node using REST API

Posted Dec 03 by Ong Chih Yeh.

Hi, I am trying to delete a node (document) using REST API. One strange thing I noticed that when I perform the delete action twice, then the API will throw a message saying the node id is not found. Does that means I need to perform [more]

Last activity Dec 07 by Ong Chih Yeh.
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Answered REST API for downloading multiple documents

Posted Jan 20 by Ram Prasad Chaturvedi.

**Is it possible to download multiple documents in a single REST Web service call.** I wanted to return streams of files in a socket so at client side we will use some metadata information as identifier for differentiating the files. [more]

Last activity Jan 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered Rest API - Set users/groups and permissions on folders

Posted Mar 18 by Abhishek Gaurav.

Hi, I am looking to set permissions for user/group on a folder using REST API. Can somebody please let me know if it's possible using the REST APIs? I see lots of options for creating/querying both folders and members but don't see an option [more]

Last activity Mar 18 by Werner De Jong.
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Swagger documentation for Content Server 10

Posted Mar 24 by Anthony Miller.
Updated Mar 25.

Hi, Can someone tell me where I can see the Swagger generated documentation for Content Server (or how I go about generating it). I'd hoped that by simply defining the url for content server with the api/v1 appended I would be able to see [more]

Last activity Mar 22 by Jorge Arribas.
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Answered Problem with Table key Lookup attributes using REST API Content Server

Posted Apr 20 by Alfonso Adamuz.

Hi, I need to update the value of a Table Key Lookup attribute using API REST of Content Server. Using the PUT call of API REST (/nodes/{id}/categories/{category_id}/) with the params of attribuet_key in the query the value of attribute is [more]

Last activity May 14 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Answered Starting with REST API

Posted Jun 10 by Jeff Wogan.

I'm beginning to work with Content Server's REST API and am hitting an "Internal error" coming back from CS. CS 10.5 has been installed on top of a Win2008 R1 SP1 / IIS7.5 / Tomcat 7.0.42. I can log into CS from a browser, however [more]

Last activity Jun 11 by Werner De Jong.
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Answered Successful login and browse, but receiving 401 on folder create attempt - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

Posted Jul 16 by Jeff Wogan.
Updated Jul 17.

I'm able to log in and browse a folder, but when I try to create folder in the folder I just browsed, I get a 401-Unauthorized response: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. I tried while logged in as myself with all Access writes checked [more]

Last activity Jul 25 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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