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OTDS REST API - Getting error while adding user to a group

Posted Jun 21 by Pamela Ferrari.

Good morning, We are trying to add users to groups on OTDS using the OTDS REST APIs. The group ID contains blank spaces, for example "Finances - Managers". The call the following: POST - http://servername:8080//otdsws/v1/groups/Finances [more]

Last activity Jun 22 by Pamela Ferrari.
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Answered OTDS Rest API Log Out

Posted Jun 16 by Hannah Bish.
Updated Jun 16.

Our application logs in users by obtaining an OTDS ticket (`/authentication/credentials`) and using that ticket to obtain a ticket for resources (`/authentication/ticketforresource`). Is there a way to revoke that ticket using OTDS Rest API [more]

Last activity Jun 24 by Jerome Don-Paul.
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Answered OTDS REST API - Creating users - getting an error

Posted Mar 12 by Anthony Miller.

Hi hope you can help. I need to build a service which will bulk create users in a non-sync partition in OTDS (10.5). So, in the first instance, I am trying to create a user through the REST API examples via http://<otds server>:8080/otdsws/api/?rest [more]

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