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Archive Center REST API?

Posted Apr 08 by David Anderson.

Is there a REST API for Archive Center? If so, where is the documentation?

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Uploading documents using the Java implementation of REST API not working

Posted Dec 18 by Mentor Belalla.
Updated Dec 18.

Greetings. I'm new to the OPENTEXT Rest API and while I'm able to authenticate/create folders using it, I can't get the document upload to work. The following is the code I've been using: import; import [more]

Last activity Jan 02 by Mentor Belalla.
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ExStream - Document Release API

Posted Jun 12 by Bram Janssen.

Hi all, I am currently testing the Exstream API as described on the Appworks page ( I [more]

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Directory Services 16 - PATCH call removes user from groups

Posted Mar 16 by Jasper De Bruyckere.

When running the following REST call to the user patch operation the user is removed from all groups it is a member of. Example: The user is a member of: ![enter image description here][1] REST Call example ![enter image description [more]

Last activity Apr 13 by Jasper De Bruyckere.
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Create a new REST API

Posted Jun 24 by Jacopo Malnati.

Hello, let us say I would like to extend the available APIs and create my own, new one. I am actually digging into RESTAPI:RESTAPI/RESTAPIIMPL and trying to understand how it has been done what is already there, but is there a guide or [more]

Last activity Jun 26 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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REST API: How can i download a document?

Posted Nov 11 by Me Ra.

I've looked through the guide for the REST API (Content Server API v1), I did not see an option to download a file. Could someone point me to how I can use the REST API to download a file?

Last activity Apr 06 by Philippe Gauvin.
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REST API How does /nodes/{id}/actions work?

Posted Nov 11 by Me Ra.

Could someone give me examples of how 'actions' work in the REST API? For example, if I need to download a file, is the action '/otcs/cs.exe?func=ll&objId=101197&objAction=download' supposed to give me the url that I need to make the [more]

Last activity Nov 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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REST API - Find and browse the current users favourites folder

Posted Jul 17 by Robert Wood.

Hi, I am using the REST API 1.1 and need to find the current users favourites folder ID, so I can browse the files/folders it contains. Any ideas, I feel like I have looked everywhere, but no luck. Many thanks, Rob.

Last activity Aug 03 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Upload Large file Using C# and Rest API

Posted Jun 05 by kumar dwarakanath.

Hi Folks, Has any one tried uploading large file to CS using REST API method. what is bet way of streaming file to CS. Do we need any configuration at IIS , CS?. I would like to use REST API if it can Support Large file Upload. Please share [more]

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Upload document and update multiple categories using C#.Net and Rest API

Posted Jun 05 by kumar dwarakanath.

Has any one tried uploading document with multiple categories using C#.NET. Can any body help by scribbling syntax for passing multiple categories. if you have any sample Please forwarded to me. Cheers, Kumar

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