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CORS issue on URL: api/v1/nodes/<id>/versions/<version number>/content

Posted Dec 06 by Daniel Godard.

I'm presently receiving a CORS error message when trying to retrieve the content of a document through the CS 10.5 rest api with javascript. The weird part of this problem is that all other CS 10.5 rest api calls are presently working in my [more]

Last activity Dec 06 by Cerutti Leandro.
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Looking for some examples on using REST API for workflows

Posted Feb 13 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.

Hello, We are currently doing a POC on using Content Server 16.2.3 REST API for Workflows for below scenarios: • Initiate workflows using Alpaca forms • Upload docs before we initiate workflows • Show form data in Alapaca [more]

Last activity Nov 19 by Mahesh Pinnamaneni.
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Need a sample Request Payload for "Adding an additional permission to the node"

Posted Sep 11 by Kingsley Wesley.

Hi, I am trying to add additional permission to the node using the following api: POST api/v2/nodes/{id}/permissions/custom I tried with all possible ways, it's not working. I keep getting the following error: "One or more parameters [more]

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HTTP error 403 while trying to update user attributes via OTDS RESTful API

Posted Jul 25 by Akos Petrovics.

There is a userID dedicated to automated changes in OTDS via its REST API. The userID can update user attributes through the web interface of OTDS, but in case the very same action in initiated through REST API the API answers with HTTP code [more]

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ExStream - Document Release API

Posted Jun 12 by Bram Janssen.

Hi all, I am currently testing the Exstream API as described on the Appworks page ( I [more]

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Directory Services 16 - PATCH call removes user from groups

Posted Mar 16 by Jasper De Bruyckere.

When running the following REST call to the user patch operation the user is removed from all groups it is a member of. Example: The user is a member of: ![enter image description here][1] REST Call example ![enter image description [more]

Last activity Apr 13 by Jasper De Bruyckere.
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Develop REST API to query on Custom tables

Posted Jan 16 by Nandeesh Renukaradhya.

Hi, I would like to develop the Rest API ,which can be used to query custom tables.Does this functionality exists. If not please guide me how can i do it ?

Last activity Mar 05 by Hugh Ferguson.
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file upload using array of bytes (Java)

Posted Mar 03 by Shekhar Sharma.

We are trying to use rest api "Create Node" in our Java code and implemented upload functionality. But whenever we are passing array bytes of document, we are getting success (200) but not getting node id in response and document [more]

Last activity Jan 30 by Cristian Suciu.
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REST API: calling saved search query and passing parameter to search query

Posted Nov 11 by Me Ra.

I saw in another post that i can call a saved query by calling the saved query id 'api/v1/search?templateid=160598' this works fine but is there a way to pass a parameter to one of the attributes in the saved search query. Let's say if I had [more]

Last activity Oct 19 by Esteve Olm.
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Issues with /api/v1/doctemplates/{id}/instances REST API Call - CS 10.5

Posted Jun 17 by Maqsood Khan.

Hello, I'm working on a requirement to create Case Workspaces based on a template (without linking to SAP object) using CS Web Services. Upon deep diving into it, I found there are two ways to acheive this: 1. SOAP based API (per ECMLink [more]

Last activity Oct 05 by Ravi Garg.
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Create a new REST API

Posted Jun 24 by Jacopo Malnati.

Hello, let us say I would like to extend the available APIs and create my own, new one. I am actually digging into RESTAPI:RESTAPI/RESTAPIIMPL and trying to understand how it has been done what is already there, but is there a guide or [more]

Last activity Jun 26 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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How to pass NTLM Authentication to an AJAX call with REST API

Posted May 06 by Alban Loxha.

When posting a document to CS with REST API, how can I pass NTLM authentication to REST when making an ajax call for users? For testing we're using 'admin' username/password to handle the authentication (see example below) and post documents, [more]

Last activity May 31 by Alban Loxha.
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