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Get Modified documents in a date range smaller than a day.

Posted Mar 15 by Jonathan Dubé.

Hi, I am currently trying to use the XML Search API (or REST API) to retrieve modified documents in let's say the last 15 minutes. I know that with this request : http://hostname/OTCS/cs.exe?func=search&outputformat=xml&lookFor1=otstarts&where1="<OTModifyDate>" [more]

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REST API: calling saved search query and passing parameter to search query

Posted Nov 11 by Me Ra.

I saw in another post that i can call a saved query by calling the saved query id 'api/v1/search?templateid=160598' this works fine but is there a way to pass a parameter to one of the attributes in the saved search query. Let's say if I had [more]

Last activity Oct 19 by Esteve Olm.
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Content Type Selector

Posted May 24 by Diego Maia.

I have a DPM portlet that retrieves contents by an specific content type from an specific channel. There is a content associated to this channel, but nothing is returned by the query. What can it be wrong? I'm using the getResults [more]

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Answered Document Search API

Posted Mar 03 by Santosh Kumbar.

Hello, I am searching for API that could do Global search for document in Opentext content server from outside of opentext. Do we have any apis available to achieve this? I am newbie to Opentext. Thanks! Santosh

Last activity Mar 05 by Santosh Kumbar.
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Need Information on Content Server Rest API for Searching files

Posted May 07 by Ramakrishna Vishnubhotla.
Updated May 07 by Marcin Pacyga.

I could use the Content Server rest api cs/api/v1/nodes/2000?where_name=filename that will return the file if exists in Enterprise Workspace and not in subfolders. How should I use the api to search even the subfolders (subnodes) for a [more]

Last activity May 10 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Which technology is powering search on AppWork Developer right now?

Posted Nov 28 by Martin Brousseau.

I was wondering what was the current search engine used by AppWork Developer.

Last activity Nov 29 by Werner De Jong.
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