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Change Host name in AppWorks Database

Posted Jan 29 by Remon Medhat.

We want to permanently change the host in the "GateWayNode" table in the appworks . every time we change it manually it reverts back after service restart. thank you.

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Configure TempoBox with HTTPS connection

Posted Jan 28 by Remon Medhat.

We have TempoBox deployed and the url of the tempoBox is Aliased , We configured TempoBox to work with HTTPS connection , so whenever we add apps/bundles we go to the database and change the default hostname of the deployment from the hostname [more]

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can't login to Tempo Box

Posted Jan 23 by Remon Medhat.
Updated Jan 23.

Hello , we are installing tempo box but when i enter the right username/password combination on the tempo box login page it just refresh the page and i don't get any message . In the Content service log it says " 2019-01-23 13:52:52.680 [more]

Last activity Jan 23 by Remon Medhat.
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TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is

Posted Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
Updated Dec 10.

Manage tempo box participant from content server UI give me error >TypeError: $_userInputSelector.autocomplete(...).data(...) is undefined participant that has been set before also not shown cs 16.2.1 content service module 16.0.0 [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Albertto Lie.
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Cannot login to tempobox

Posted Sep 19 by Yueting Wang.

Hi all, I am using OTAG 16.4, Tempobox bundle 16.1.2, Content Server 16.2.5 with OTDS 16.04. The OTAG is hosted on Tomcat 8.0 with Java version 1.8.0_181 Currently I have installed OTAG, content services, OTAG to content server connectivity [more]

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OTDS - Custom Authentication

Posted Mar 02 by Khurram Shahzad.

Dears, I am looking for a way to configure a custom web service (.net / java) in OTDS which can be used as an additional authentication handler for users logging in through TempoBox. Thank you in advance for any help in this regards [more]

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Unencrypted Database Password in Appworks 1.2.1 ?

Posted May 25 by Simon Lange.

Hello, I am wondering why the database Password in the config file %Appworks_Tomcat%\conf\ is unencrypted and if this something that can be changed. Regards, Simon lange

Last activity May 25 by Simon Day.
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Can we Get source Code for ECM Everywhere App

Posted Apr 08 by Abhishek Kumar.

Hi, Can we get the source code for ECM Everywhere App ( Google Application)? Thanks, Abhishek

Last activity Apr 08 by Werner De Jong.
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Sizing AppWorks gateway

Posted Dec 10 by Stefano De Angelis.

I need to understand how the sizing (CPU , disk , ram) servers Appworks gateway for potential users in 1500. and if it is advisable to install on the same server AppWorks and Content Server 10.5.0

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Answered 500 Internal Server error adding folder through tempo

Posted Sep 30 by Anthony Miller.

Hi, I'm baffled! I have a CS10 (SP2 Update 13), Tomcat 7, Java 7, OTDS (10.5), Tempo 10.5, Gateway 1.1.6, Content Service 10.0.10 (as I'm using CS 10 in this config). I can access CS fine and get authenticated via OTDS. I can access Tempo [more]

Last activity Oct 01 by Anthony Miller.
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