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CS UI Widget examples

Posted May 26 by Hugh Ferguson.

Hi, I've loaded the CS UI Widget module, and I got the one example that was given to work (I had to add the supportPath to the connection, but that's another posting). Does anyone have an example of using the various models and views in [more]

Last activity Dec 30 by Larry Nannery.
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Answered UI Widgets Basic Example Authentication

Posted May 30 by Kayla Boyer.

Hello, I am attempting to connect to the content server API to create a Folder Browser Widget from my local machine. Every thing appears to be correct, but when I attempt to authenticate all I get back is "Unknown Error". This [more]

Last activity May 30 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Remove/Restrict Columns returned by CSUI Widgets - using ColumnMatch

Posted Sep 08 by Anthony Miller.

Hi, I'm trying to restrict the columns returned in the page using the UI Widgets. I've tried to use the columnMatch in the constructor. Alas, this is not being honoured and continues to display all the columns. I can see that there is [more]

Last activity Sep 09 by Anthony Miller.
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Release date for Item Menu widget et al

Posted Sep 09 by Anthony Miller.

Hi, Can you give an update on the release of the 'Add Item Menu Widget'/'Create Object (Form) Widget' et al that was spoken of in the webinar last month. The patches and downloads don't appear to have been updated. Thanks, Anthony

Last activity Sep 18 by Anthony Miller.
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CS UI - getting Started - 404 error

Posted Jul 02 by Vivek Khurana.

I am conducting a proof of concept for Open Text Content Server UI widgets. Here are the steps I performed 1. Created a Vanilla Sandbox with 2015-06 cumulative patch 2. Installed CSUI 10.0.1 3. Created an html page ( attached) with the [more]

Last activity Dec 15 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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CS folderbrowser widget and required attributes

Posted Oct 06 by Tim Searle.

Hi, Is it possible to get the CS folder browse widget to prompt for required attributed when using drag and drop? If so how? **Example** FOLDERA (_attribute NAME is required_) User drags and drops 5 documents into the folder browse [more]

Last activity Oct 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Official web site and forum for CS UI Widgets announced

Posted Jan 06 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Jan 06.

CS UI Widgets have been integrated to CS core in CS 16. They have become the framework to base CS Smart UI on. CS UI SDK has been released for CS 16.0.3 or newer. Downloads, documentation and forum have been placed to OpenText "My Suipport" [more]

Last activity Jan 06 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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