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How to relate user profile in my Services/Apps

Posted May 20 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 23.

Hi. I'm learning how to work with AppWorks, but I'm kind of stuck here... I want to create a simple service/app to share messages/topics/ideias/whatever. Each message will have a title, a message and a date. I would also like to each message [more]

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Where are saved the users informations ?

Posted May 26 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 26.

In the database generated by AppWorks, in which table ate stored the users ? There is a USERSTATE table, but it only stores information about the user photo and the last seen event. Where are the other user info like name, address, email, [more]

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Answered Error synchronizing Active Directory Users

Posted Aug 01 by Tiago Gomes.

Hi, I am currently developing an app using appWorks and I wanted to synchronize the app users with an existent Active Directory. Although, when I fill the LDAP connection info and hit connect button I'm getting an error with the following [more]

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