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Converting LAPI code to CS Web service calls

Posted May 15 by Mike wu.
Updated May 15.

hi all, when converting LAPI code to CS web service calls, it seems like there are lot less API from the web service. The following is an example of creating a sub folder with LAPI: //create session and document object. var LLs = New [more]

Last activity Dec 18 by Natashja Singleton.
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Answered Javascript and Livelink Web Services

Posted May 13 by Mike Parman.

Where can I find a list of available Livelink web services? I have an external (to Livelink) application that contains a livelink folder ID. I need to issue a command when a button is pressed that will extract all Sales Contract (PDF files) [more]

Last activity May 20 by Andre Kusuma.
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