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REST API Response

Posted Jun 17 by Patrick Windsor II.

Is there a way to format the REST API response to be xml versus JSON in content server 16.2?

Last activity Jun 17 by Patrick Windsor II.
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eDocs API request schema

Posted Jun 13 by Tony Casciano.

Where can I find the schema for making requests with the eDocs API? For example, on the API reference page for eDocs API, the POST method for the 'documents' endpoint just shows that the required POST data is 'data'. It doesn't show what the [more]

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AppWorks Gateway Setup version 16.6; Step1 Database Configuration with MS SQL Express

Posted Jun 13 by Jukka Brunfeldt.

Hi, My laptop I run learning/dev environment with sql express version 12. All other like exstream, workshop etc works very well. Now I like to install AppWorks Gateway but I do not manage get right connection settings to MS sqlexpress. My [more]

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Content Server 16.2 REST API Workflow

Posted Jun 12 by Patrick Windsor II.

Greetings- Does anyone know if the latest REST api supports updating workflow process data? Similar to the UpdateProcessData method in CWS. Been reviewing the api reference but nothing jumped out at me. Thanks!

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How to add a document to Content Server 16 using REST API V2

Posted Jun 11 by Roger Hiltpold.

http://dc1ecm16llint1/otcs/cs.exe/api/v2/nodes?where=((type=144) AND (parent_id=1852917) AND (file="\\ServerName\Folder1\SubFolder\sample.pdf")) I'm trying to use RestAPI V2, using postman, to add a new document to Content Server [more]

Last activity Jun 20 by Eugene Ashley.
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Configure/Enable OTDS to create and include OAuth access_token in header

Posted Jun 11 by Nick Furness.

Hi, I have been looking at: To look into securing an external web service to Content Server [more]

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API URL to create a user in OpenText

Posted Jun 07 by Amitava hazra.

Can anyone help to form trial/free developer api URL so that I can call that api to return user (Lets assume to return my logged in user) or to create a sample user in OpenText system. Basically I need OpenText Directory Services REST Push Connector [more]

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Can you secure .Net WS with OTDS as Authentication Server

Posted Jun 06 by Nick Furness.

Hi, I am after finding out if i can secure a web service to people who have logged into OTDS first, in this particular case Content Server. We make calls to the we service via javascript and would like to make the experience seemless to [more]

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Documentum REST APIs : How to authenticate access to the content server

Posted May 24 by Sumit Goel.
Updated May 24.

I am trying to use the documentum APIs for my project. I have installed the documentum rest services on my machine. I have also set up a repository. However, I am unsure of the username & password needed for the documentum respository. [more]

Last activity Jun 04 by Peng Qiu.
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Rest API Licanse Aggreement

Posted May 11 by Shikhali Rafiyev.

Dear all. Good day. Is there any needs to make licanse agreement in order to use Opentext Rest API?

Last activity May 13 by Ethan Beisher.
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Posted May 06 by Vinod Babu.

is there a documentation that explains all the status error code? below is an example { "status": 1013, "error": "Not a OTDS SSO ticket", "error_details": null }

Last activity May 13 by Ethan Beisher.
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Error in fetching Repository details (Documentum).

Posted May 06 by Dan Puga.

Hi Team, We have configured "Documentum Server for WINDOWS64 Postgres Version 16.4 (1.3 GB)". We are able to fetch list of repositories and we are trying to fetch Repository details but we are getting the below error response. { [more]

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