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Receiving data from other apps in an AppWorks application.

Posted Apr 17 by Nigel Mestach.
Updated Apr 23.

Is there a way to receive data that's shared by other apps? For example the user wants to share a news article on an AppWorks app, the AppWorks app then handles the data and places it in let's say a textfield. - In Android this is called [more]

Last activity Apr 23 by Nigel Mestach.
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Answered Does REST API support for multilingual

Posted Sep 26 by Akshay Bedarkar.

Does REST API support requests and response for different languages supported by Content Server 10.5 Ex. multi-lingual text search and creation of folders. In particular we are looking such functionalities to be implemented for Portuguese, [more]

Last activity Jan 06 by Khurram Shahzad.
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Get Modified documents in a date range smaller than a day.

Posted Mar 15 by Jonathan Dubé.

Hi, I am currently trying to use the XML Search API (or REST API) to retrieve modified documents in let's say the last 15 minutes. I know that with this request : http://hostname/OTCS/cs.exe?func=search&outputformat=xml&lookFor1=otstarts&where1="<OTModifyDate>" [more]

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Answered Successful login and browse, but receiving 401 on folder create attempt - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

Posted Jul 16 by Jeff Wogan.
Updated Jul 17.

I'm able to log in and browse a folder, but when I try to create folder in the folder I just browsed, I get a 401-Unauthorized response: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. I tried while logged in as myself with all Access writes checked [more]

Last activity Jul 25 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Use of Services Layer not clear

Posted Jun 12 by Mitesh Kothari.

Hello All, Understanding the appworks and trying to understand the Service Layer - conisder the app created for accesing the OTMM or OPentext content server objects, do we still need to create the Service Layer ? if yes, what the role of [more]

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Answered Javascript and Livelink Web Services

Posted May 13 by Mike Parman.

Where can I find a list of available Livelink web services? I have an external (to Livelink) application that contains a livelink folder ID. I need to issue a command when a button is pressed that will extract all Sales Contract (PDF files) [more]

Last activity May 20 by Andre Kusuma.
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Answered Document Search API

Posted Mar 03 by Santosh Kumbar.

Hello, I am searching for API that could do Global search for document in Opentext content server from outside of opentext. Do we have any apis available to achieve this? I am newbie to Opentext. Thanks! Santosh

Last activity Mar 05 by Santosh Kumbar.
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Answered Authentication to REST APIs not served from OTAG

Posted Feb 18 by Ferdinand Prantl.
Updated Feb 18.

A JavaScript application running on AppWorks has an access to the `otagtoken` and can perform AJAX requests to REST APIS served from the same origin. How about communicating with other REST APIs and enjoying SSO coming from the initial login [more]

Last activity Dec 10 by Andrew Nuckols.
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Comparing APIs - CWS vs AppWorks vs CS REST API 1.0

Posted Jul 22 by Harvey Flaisher.

Hello: Could someone please post the differences between these three APIs? What services are available with CS 10? are there more available w/CS 10.5? I have read this,, [more]

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Call the notification sample mobile application (notificationHandlerTest_1.0.1)

Posted May 13 by Ola Hellgren.

I'm trying to call the sample notification mobile app interface `notificationHandlerTest_1.0.1` I tried to follow the [Notification article instructions]( [more]

Last activity May 14 by Ola Hellgren.
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Process Suite - Cordys REST APIs required in next release?

Posted Apr 03 by Rajasekar Subbian Kalimuthu.

Hi, [REST APIs][1] list the capability in Process Suite 10.5 release. I want your feedback/input on the next set of REST APIs required from Cordys. As we're planning the next Process Suite release this information will be useful to meet [more]

Last activity Apr 08 by Mohan Sharma.
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