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Case360 - Casefolder

Posted Jan 23 by Luis Eduardo Soares.

I have a situation in which when there is a Casefolder I'm not able to return to the home screen. The only way to access the home is opening a new IE tab. I wonder if there is any java code to implement a workaround solution. Best regards, Luis. If [more]

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Get file contents from attachment clip

Posted Oct 03 by Eric Schiavo.

Is there any way to get a file's contents from an attachment clip? Basically, I want to upload an XML folder with some data in it, open the file in code, perform validations on the file's contents, and throw a flag to kick off a new folder based [more]

Last activity Dec 17 by Richard Noons.
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Accessing Metastorm objects from custom libraries

Posted Nov 08 by Piotr Perak.

Hi.   Instead of working in Metastorm designer we would prefer to use Visual Studio with Resharper. No matter how good Metastorm Designer is it will never be as good as he above pair.   We have no problems calling our custom [more]

Last activity Nov 09 by Richard Noons.
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Case360 Confirmation message

Posted Oct 01 by vamsipriya maddipatla.
Updated Oct 01.

Hello, I would like to show some confirmation message with yes or no options like "Are you sure?" kind of message when we click on dispatch buttons. If anyone has an idea to implement this with customization, Please let me know. [more]

Last activity Oct 01 by vamsipriya maddipatla.
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Comment Causes Code Deletion from Conditional Action or Calculation Formula

Posted Apr 26 by Metastorm.

The information in this article applies to: Product: Metastorm BPM Version: 7.x ## Issue ## * In the Formula Editor in the Process Designer, a line of code and a line containing a comment are added to *Only start action if* [more]

Last activity Sep 23 by karim mohamed.
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Sub Form or new form open with a button click

Posted Aug 20 by Dean Mueller.

I am using Metastorm 9.x My objective is to allow the user to select a list of names from a grid and as they select the names it populates another grid showing them the names they have chosen or that already exist previously for the field [more]

Last activity Aug 28 by Brian Mellert.
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Can the Memo field properties be altered on Enter and On Exit to allow the user to visually see more of the rows while typing?

Posted Aug 17 by Dean Mueller.

Is it possible to change the size of a memo field (size on the screen/form) so when the user enters the field it increases the width of the field to show more rows as they type and when then exit the field it decreases it to it's original size. [more]

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Cordys java.util.MissingResourceException

Posted Jun 10 by Hannah Bish.
Updated Jun 10.

We are trying to use a java file (**) to read from a properties file. ** is located in the util folder, while the properties file is located in another directory. The properties directory is included in the Service [more]

Last activity Jun 10 by Hannah Bish.
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Answered What is the method in version 9.3 to replace the old (but good) Metastorm %Run() function

Posted Jun 08 by Pierre Ballon.

Hi All, What is the V9 method that replace the %Run() V5..V7 Metastorm function Thanks Pierre

Last activity Jun 08 by Pierre Ballon.
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How to use OAuth 2.0 authentication handler in OTDS ?

Posted May 22 by Chatrathi Kiran.

How to use OAuth 2.0 authentication handler in OTDS ?

Last activity May 22 by Chatrathi Kiran.
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stored procedure on button click does not work

Posted Aug 10 by Carolyn Anderson.

I want a button which does a server-side operation to execute a stored procedure which deletes a row out of a custom table in my metastorm database, so I used the 'execute stored procedure' option in the designer. I'm passing in a number [more]

Last activity May 01 by Brian Mellert.
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populate values in grid on a button click

Posted Aug 31 by thiru rao.

Hi…All, Can it be possible to populate grid with some values when we click on a command button?   Ex: I have one database which contains some data.I have to fetch that data in to business object basing on two or more search [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Louise Caldicott.
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