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Comparing APIs - CWS vs AppWorks vs CS REST API 1.0

Posted Jul 22 by Harvey Flaisher.

We are about to create a new web app which needs access both to CS 10 workflow/documents and an external db. From what I can tell, there are 5 web svc APIs: 1. CWS 2. CS Rest 1.0 3. AppWorks I have read [more]

Last activity Aug 21 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Not able to access Process Suite web services.

Posted Apr 09 by Suresh Bandlamudi.
Updated Apr 10.

Hi, I'm making an application to consume the Process Suite Web Services. The steps I have done are as follows 1. Installed AppWorks. 2. Installed Process Platform (10.7) 3. Deployed Process Suite REST Client into AppWorks(Copied [more]

Last activity Apr 10 by Suresh Bandlamudi.
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Creating a file in an active WF attachment folder using REST

Posted Jun 09 by Hayden Ross.

I'm trying to use my file upload function to upload (post) a file to an active workflows attachment folder but it does not seem to work, here is my code (basically I pass the WF attachments folder's ID and the file I want to upload): function [more]

Last activity Jan 28 by Michal Pronay.
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Answered Cordys & BPM Track Presentation Content from Enterprise World

Posted Nov 26 by Steven White.

I am a prospective customer who attended EW2013 and would like access to presentation materials from the conference for internal communication and selling purposes. I am particularly interested in Keynote and all BPM/MBPM/Cordys materials. [more]

Last activity Nov 28 by Erik van de Ven.
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Email Acknowledgment

Posted Dec 31 by Ryan Ash.

Hi, Does anyone know if there is any way to send an acknowledgment or confirmation mail to an email address once processing of certian action is succesfull. e.g. If I want to attach a document to GOS in SAP and I want to send a confimation [more]

Last activity Jan 02 by John Wilkinson.
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Call a web service from a workflow

Posted Feb 03 by Jose Cano.

I would like to know if a workflow can call to an external web service? Could you link me some technical info about how to do it? Thanks in advance, Jose

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Oracle Notification Integration

Posted Feb 11 by Walter Jones.

We would like to integrate Opentext ECM with oracle notifications... the specific functionality required would be to access a document stored in ECM from a notification. Has anyone achieved this... if so how, or is there an Opentext solution [more]

Last activity Feb 13 by Roel Gillesen.
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Closed Configuration Utility within Web Admin portal of Execute360 version 10.0 throws error

Posted Mar 13 by Dishant Kalra.

After adding form fields to SQL view to update attributes table, When we run Server configuration Utility within Web Admin portal of Global360(Execute360 version 10.0) , we are getting following errors: 1. Fail: Schema verification completed, [more]

Last activity Mar 13 by Werner De Jong.
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Distributing LiveLink globally or in cloud

Posted Apr 15 by Adrian Abshire.

We are looking to distribute our documents globally, perhaps via a cloud infrastructure. Has anyone done this successfully (I know about the products that do this already)? We are hoping to replicate data and files to overseas from our US [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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ItemHandler and Enterchange steps conflict in Workflow

Posted Jun 20 by Alla Kibzoun.
Updated Jun 20.

We have the workflow having one Interchange step to call external Webservice application. It works fine. When we added the ItemHandler step assigned to Agent at the begining of the workflow the second step (Interchange step) is stuck. It looks [more]

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Comparing APIs - CWS vs AppWorks vs CS REST API 1.0

Posted Jul 22 by Harvey Flaisher.

Hello: Could someone please post the differences between these three APIs? What services are available with CS 10? are there more available w/CS 10.5? I have read this,, [more]

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Workflows and REST API

Posted Sep 23 by Pradeep Tekkey.

Hello, is initiating content server workflows supported using REST API's? If not, what are the alternatives when using Content Server 10.5.1? Thanks and appreciate your response. - Pradeep

Last activity Sep 23 by Kevin Mark.
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