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Error installing appworks-cli: Failed at the node-sass@3.8.0 postinstall script.

Posted Aug 09 by Douglas Gillespie.

I'm having problems installing appworks-cli. I've tried both using npm and installing it from the clone git repository. The issue is installing node-sass@3.8.0. I can install the latest node-sass, but 3.8.0 won't install. Cannot download [more]

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Error activating OTDS resource

Posted Mar 07 by Matthew Barben.

Hi There, I am installing an Appworks server (16.2.1) and it appears to be failing on activating the external OTDS resource: 2018-03-08 04:39:08,8152018-03-08T04:39:08,815 [http-nio-80-exec-7] ERROR auth.otds.OtdsInstaller - Failed [more]

Last activity Mar 18 by Matthew Barben.
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Answered Problems Installing AppWorks Gateway 1.1.5

Posted Mar 27 by Martin Metal.

hi there, I am having problems to install the AppWorks 1.1.5 advertised on the appworks developer page. I tried both Linux Windows, but getting issues installing otds. I follow the installation guide present on this site as well. Linux 12.04.4 [more]

Last activity Apr 03 by John Wilkinson.
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Answered Error: Maximum display name length is 255 bytes and/or maximum description length is 4KB

Posted Jan 27 by Roel Gillesen.

Hi, When I try to add my app, I get this error message: **Error: Maximum display name length is 255 bytes and/or maximum description length is 4KB** However; this is the contents of my # Required fields displayName=REST [more]

Last activity Jan 27 by John Wilkinson.
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