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How to Launch Other Android Apps (Like WhatsApp, Gmail etc.) from within My App?

Posted Mar 14 by Gopi Marri.
Updated Mar 14 by AppWorks Developer.

Description: ------------- I have a image Application written in java Script that runs from a Server. I want to allow the users to Share these images from with the App using WhatsApp, Gmail, etc.

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Detect finger drag using Javascript on touch phones using Appworks?

Posted Mar 14 by Gopi Marri.
Updated Mar 14 by AppWorks Developer.

Hi, How to enable finger drag using Javascript on touch phones using Appworks.Can some one suggest me. Thanks in Advance.

Last activity Mar 14 by Marcin Pacyga.
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Obtaining auth ticket from OTDS using OTDS logon page (for IWA/SSO)

Posted Jul 13 by Nick O'Connor.

Hi all, My scenarios is as follows: We have OTDS 10.5 and Content Server 10.5, and we have developed some RESTful webservices that sit independent of Content Server/OTDS. We also have a Javascript-only (no JSP/etc) client. We want to get [more]

Last activity Jul 26 by Nick O'Connor.
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Front-end libraries / frameworks for mobile AppWorks

Posted Sep 23 by Bill Markmann.

Has anyone has any experience using JavaScript / CSS frameworks or libraries in developing AppWorks applications? I'm not so much concerned with Cordova-like access to native device features, but am curious about: - jQuery / jQuery Mobile [more]

Last activity Sep 24 by Werner De Jong.
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AppWorks iOS app sometimes loses a javascript file. How can I force a re-download of an application?

Posted Apr 29 by Douglas Gillespie.

I've encountered an issue several times where my iPad or iPhone AppWorks application downloads my app, but somehow misses one of the javascript files. This causes the pages to display incorrectly and some of the functionality to fail. The only [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Werner De Jong.
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Answered Javascript and Livelink Web Services

Posted May 13 by Mike Parman.

Where can I find a list of available Livelink web services? I have an external (to Livelink) application that contains a livelink folder ID. I need to issue a command when a button is pressed that will extract all Sales Contract (PDF files) [more]

Last activity May 20 by Andre Kusuma.
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How to Import/Upload assets/files into a OTMM Folder from AppWorks?

Posted Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Nov 26.

I have found following otmmapi rest services from [Media Manager API v2][1] >POST /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/ >POST /otmmapi/v2/renditions/ >PUT /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/{import-job-id} How can I use this services with AppWorks [more]

Last activity Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
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How to deploy CS Smart UI?

Posted Apr 24 by Kishore Kumar.
Updated Apr 24.

I have copied the content of `output-release` into modules support directory, but the WebForm doesn't load by complaining about `require is not defined`. The new module is also registered in `http://localhost/cs/cs.exe/app/config` Do we [more]

Last activity Apr 24 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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Content Server - Override WebNode action with a Javascript call

Posted Aug 03 by Nick Furness.

Hi, Is it possible to change the override we currently have that allows us to change the action performed on a document to go to a URL that invokes our viewer. Would it be possible to the same behaviour but call a javascript function with [more]

Last activity Aug 06 by Greg Griffiths.
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I need direction please

Posted Aug 07 by Christopher Smith.

I'd like to create a word 2016 add-in using the new visual studio add-in framework (javascript etc.). One of my primary requirements is that i need to grab the eDocs library, document id and version from the eDocs client (16.3.0181). Can [more]

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