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Answered Tempo Social Mobile 851

Posted Jul 28 by Uldis Silovs.

Hi, When will TSM 851 be released? Last feedback I got .. it was in the final phase

Last activity Aug 04 by Uldis Silovs.
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Windows Mobile Support for AppWorks

Posted Mar 14 by Matthew Barben.

Hi There I know that a long time ago that there was Windows Mobile client support at least thought about in the Roadmap for the AppWorks Gateway / Tempo platform - however I see in the latest roadmaps it is not listed. Can I confirm that [more]

Last activity Mar 22 by Chris Ditchburn.
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Answered AppWorks VPN connection

Posted Jun 26 by Bart Maes.
Updated Jun 26.

Hi We'd like to install AppWorks 16.2 within our customers intranet. End users would like to connect via VPN. Will the AppWorks application pick up general VPN settings from the iPhone's configuration or can it only use its dedicated [more]

Last activity Jun 27 by Bart Maes.
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Answered Push AppWorks gateway server address to clients

Posted Jun 27 by Bart Maes.

Hi Is it possible to push the Server Address configuration from AppWorks Gateway to the Content Server Mobile app? This to avoid the end users having to enter the server address themselves. Kind regards, Bart Maes

Last activity Jun 28 by Pete Oliver.
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CS Mobile 16.2.4 is not yet compatible with AppWorks Gateway 16.4

Posted Jul 11 by Cory Sharplin.

Anyone have any work around for installed CS Mobile 16.2.4 not being compatible with AppWorks Gateway 16.4. (please see p.7). CS Mobile 16.2.4 is only compatible with AppWorks Gateway v16.2 and v16.3. Feature Request ID (OTAG-8185), for [more]

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Content Server Mobile Client Distribution for iOS

Posted Jul 26 by Matthias Schoenmakers.
Updated Jul 26.

Hi, Does anyone know what Runtime to add for immediate configuration of the Content Server Mobile iOS app using the Mobile Client Distribution? Kind regards, Matthias

Last activity Jul 26 by Matthias Schoenmakers.
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Receiving data from other apps in an AppWorks application.

Posted Apr 17 by Nigel Mestach.
Updated Apr 23.

Is there a way to receive data that's shared by other apps? For example the user wants to share a news article on an AppWorks app, the AppWorks app then handles the data and places it in let's say a textfield. - In Android this is called [more]

Last activity Apr 23 by Nigel Mestach.
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