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Fetch groups from a specific OTDS partition using filter parameter

Posted Dec 17 by Devasekhar Saikonda.

Hi, Can we fetch all the otds groups of specific partition by using where_filter parameter of the below API. /otdsws/v1/groups?where_filter=%querystringtoidentifypartition%. Thanks

Last activity Dec 18 by Albertto Lie.
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HTTP error 403 while trying to update user attributes via OTDS RESTful API

Posted Jul 25 by Akos Petrovics.

There is a userID dedicated to automated changes in OTDS via its REST API. The userID can update user attributes through the web interface of OTDS, but in case the very same action in initiated through REST API the API answers with HTTP code [more]

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Postman REST API / SSO niewbie question

Posted May 03 by Marian Farkas.

Hello - I'm new to using Postman and REST API: I'm trying to test REST APIs from Postman in my 16.2.1 environment, where I have SSO enabled using OTDS. I keep getting error 401 ("Invalid username/password specified."); When I setup [more]

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OTDS REST API - Getting error while adding user to a group

Posted Jun 21 by Pamela Ferrari.

Good morning, We are trying to add users to groups on OTDS using the OTDS REST APIs. The group ID contains blank spaces, for example "Finances - Managers". The call the following: POST - http://servername:8080//otdsws/v1/groups/Finances [more]

Last activity Jun 22 by Pamela Ferrari.
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Answered OTDS REST API - Creating users - getting an error

Posted Mar 12 by Anthony Miller.

Hi hope you can help. I need to build a service which will bulk create users in a non-sync partition in OTDS (10.5). So, in the first instance, I am trying to create a user through the REST API examples via http://<otds server>:8080/otdsws/api/?rest [more]

Last activity Apr 27 by Anthony Miller.
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OTDS - Custom Authentication

Posted Mar 02 by Khurram Shahzad.

Dears, I am looking for a way to configure a custom web service (.net / java) in OTDS which can be used as an additional authentication handler for users logging in through TempoBox. Thank you in advance for any help in this regards [more]

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How to Import/Upload assets/files into a OTMM Folder from AppWorks?

Posted Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
Updated Nov 26.

I have found following otmmapi rest services from [Media Manager API v2][1] >POST /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/ >POST /otmmapi/v2/renditions/ >PUT /otmmapi/v2/jobs/imports/{import-job-id} How can I use this services with AppWorks [more]

Last activity Nov 26 by Sagar Pudi.
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Retrieve SAML assertion using OTDS

Posted Aug 12 by Vivek Venkatarama.

We are trying to implement SAML Authentication with OTDS 10.5 in our environment After performing the steps in “section 8.1.4: Configuration and Use of SAML Authentication” of the OTDS Installation and Administration guide, we [more]

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Answered OTDS Rest API Log Out

Posted Jun 16 by Hannah Bish.
Updated Jun 16.

Our application logs in users by obtaining an OTDS ticket (`/authentication/credentials`) and using that ticket to obtain a ticket for resources (`/authentication/ticketforresource`). Is there a way to revoke that ticket using OTDS Rest API [more]

Last activity Jun 24 by Jerome Don-Paul.
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Answered SSO between Portal and CS-Widget using OTDS

Posted Jan 30 by Jose Luis Fernandez Ramirez.
Updated Feb 05.

We are using Portal 8.5 with the last fix SP2 (20141201) and the CS 10.0 with Widgets Module 10.0.0 update 13 (both configured with OTDS authentication in the same AD). The Portal is configured to login in the OTDS and is working OK, is [more]

Last activity Apr 29 by Anthony Miller.
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Answered SSL Authentication with REST API

Posted Mar 16 by Jayashree Murali.
Updated Mar 16 by Marcin Pacyga.

I am trying to implement REST Service for uploading documents in my CS10 environment.I have written the client service using Jersey and the upload is working fine over http. But, to make the webservice secured, i would like to implement it over [more]

Last activity Mar 19 by Ferdinand Prantl.
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OTDS SSO through kerberos authentication

Posted Jan 28 by Sai Pittala.

Hello, I have a custom authenticator for Portal Application which uses OTDS REST api to provide SSO and login to the portlets seamlessly(which is working fine) When the authentication happens via kerberos which is by default enabled on OTDS [more]

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