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Can I call web services from Streamserve script?

Posted Apr 26 by Kanok Chaiyapoom.

Hi All, Can I call web services from Streamserve script to get or set data after the job done? Regards, Kanok

Last activity Jun 28 by Kanok Chaiyapoom.
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SampleService Demo App error

Posted Apr 09 by Althaf Saifudeen.

Hi guys, I was trying out the **Sample Service** demo app "**Profiles App**". I uploaded the app and the service file to the gateway. But when I try to enable the service, it gives an error "We were unable to enable SampleService" and [more]

Last activity Apr 09 by Simon Day.
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The Parameter is incorrect

Posted Feb 09 by Koo Barry.

I have configured the content web service on our server. I can browse the svc such as authentication.svc through the URL, it return the correct content. But when I call the content web service from my .Net application to do authentication, [more]

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How to relate user profile in my Services/Apps

Posted May 20 by Pedro Pereira.
Updated May 23.

Hi. I'm learning how to work with AppWorks, but I'm kind of stuck here... I want to create a simple service/app to share messages/topics/ideias/whatever. Each message will have a title, a message and a date. I would also like to each message [more]

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No settings available for applications and services in Appworks gateway.

Posted Dec 11 by sidhartha samal.
Updated Dec 11 by Marcin Pacyga.

In the settings tab of the services and applications installed on appworks gateway it is showing 'No Settings Available'. Please suggest whether we have missed some configuration or how to rectify the same...

Last activity Dec 11 by Benjamin Chilibeck.
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Answered AppWorks Sample Service Install Error

Posted Nov 20 by INACTIVE Kevin Leclair.
Updated Nov 26 by Werner De Jong.

We are working to install the sample service explained here - [][1]. However, we are receiving the following error. Any ideas? See screenshot: [][2], [more]

Last activity Nov 27 by Marcin Pacyga.
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