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can't login to Tempo Box

Posted Jan 23 by Remon Medhat.
Updated Jan 23.

Hello , we are installing tempo box but when i enter the right username/password combination on the tempo box login page it just refresh the page and i don't get any message . In the Content service log it says " 2019-01-23 13:52:52.680 [more]

Last activity Jan 23 by Remon Medhat.
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Web Access/Tempo Box return empty blank page

Posted Nov 02 by Freddy Yeung.

We have CS 16 with OTDS. We try to configure Tempo Box for External User. I followed the installation guide but when I login as Admin from Web Access I saw a blank screen. I have checked the Tempo Box Admin Setting from the Content Server [more]

Last activity Oct 04 by Aidan Wojtas.
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User password expired in Tempo Box

Posted Jun 27 by Vasyl Mukhar.
Updated Jun 27.

Hello, I have strange behavior with authentication. Some users can login to tempobox /webaccess without problems, but some users can't - login page refreshing. For users, who can't login I see response for POST http://localhost/content/FrontChannel: ![Response, [more]

Last activity Jun 27 by Vasyl Mukhar.
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Windows Mobile Support for AppWorks

Posted Mar 14 by Matthew Barben.

Hi There I know that a long time ago that there was Windows Mobile client support at least thought about in the Roadmap for the AppWorks Gateway / Tempo platform - however I see in the latest roadmaps it is not listed. Can I confirm that [more]

Last activity Mar 22 by Chris Ditchburn.
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SSO in Tempo Box

Posted Feb 22 by Vasyl Mukhar.

Hi all, I'm wondering how to configure tempo box webaccess not to ask credentials, when accessing it from Content Server's personal menu. My Environment is: - Content Server 10 Update 2015-12 (version - OTDS 10.2.1 - Appworks [more]

Last activity Feb 24 by Pete Oliver.
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ECM Everywhere Unable to Fetch App Issue

Posted Aug 27 by Mayank Gupta.

Hi All, We have installed Latest ECM Everywhere 10.5 with App works 10.5.20. The issue we are facing is when user tries to log on the app from their android mobile device they get message "unable to get apps from server". If they try [more]

Last activity Aug 27 by Chris Ditchburn.
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How can we extend the functionalities on ECM Everywhere Application (Google App)

Posted Apr 09 by Abhishek Kumar.

Hi, Is there a way to extend custom functionalities on ECM Everywhere Mobile Application. If Yes, How can we do that? Thanks, Abhishek

Last activity Apr 09 by Malarmannan Thiruvannamalai.
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Accepting Tempo share requests via REST - not working

Posted Mar 26 by Anthony Miller.
Updated Mar 27.

Hi, I've been trying to get a share request to be accepted via a REST call to the TempoBox API, but it just won't do it! I'm making a call to `<baseURL>/content/v4/shares/incoming/<sharenodeid>?accepted=true`. This gets passed [more]

Last activity Mar 27 by Anthony Miller.
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Tempo Social App

Posted Nov 17 by Uldis Silovs.

Hi, We have Tempo Social 851 Then I use Tempo app within iPhone (ios8), within Tempo app I also have application Tempo Social. There I get problems when trying to post a picture (from my phone), everything suddenly freezes. No way to [more]

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Can we increase the Tempo logging level?

Posted Sep 05 by Mike Brigham.

We have an issue whereby External users do not get sent a "welcome" email when added to a Share for the first time. The user is added to OTDS and receives notification for any subsequent shares they are added to. It is the initial [more]

Last activity Sep 11 by Andre Kusuma.
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Caching and the need for OTAG to direct Tempo Box users to local OTCS (cache) instances

Posted Sep 02 by Danai Sae-Han.

Hi Tempo Box allows users to store a great deal of their most cherished documents offline. However, for MNCs with a lot of roaming users this could be a problem, as users need to synchronise their documents. Not everyone is willing to host [more]

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Answered Tempo Social Mobile 851

Posted Jul 28 by Uldis Silovs.

Hi, When will TSM 851 be released? Last feedback I got .. it was in the final phase

Last activity Aug 04 by Uldis Silovs.
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