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How can we extend the functionalities on ECM Everywhere Application (Google App)

Posted Apr 09 by Abhishek Kumar.

Hi, Is there a way to extend custom functionalities on ECM Everywhere Mobile Application. If Yes, How can we do that? Thanks, Abhishek

Last activity Apr 09 by Malarmannan Thiruvannamalai.
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Accepting Tempo share requests via REST - not working

Posted Mar 26 by Anthony Miller.
Updated Mar 27.

Hi, I've been trying to get a share request to be accepted via a REST call to the TempoBox API, but it just won't do it! I'm making a call to `<baseURL>/content/v4/shares/incoming/<sharenodeid>?accepted=true`. This gets passed [more]

Last activity Mar 27 by Anthony Miller.
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