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Updated Jun 06.

We continue to improve AppWorks Developer and have once again updated the features available to you. Read this article to find out more.

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Subscribe to Forum Topics

Since last Friday, you can subscribe to questions and ideas posted on the AppWorks Developer forums, making it easier to keep track of updates. Once you have subscribed to a topic, you will get instantaneous notifications by email when another user submitted an answer, added a comment or when the topic was edited.

You can manage your subscriptions through your user profile while other users will be able to see which topics you are subscribed to. You can unsubscribe at any time.

A notification email looks something like this:

Notification email sample

Each notification email, which is sent to the address you provided when you registered, contains a link directly to the answer or comment or to the updated topic, if applicable. The email also includes a link to your user profile and subscriptions tab, so you can cancel your subscription and stop notifications with a couple of mouse clicks, if you wish.

To keep things simple, you are reminded to subscribe to every new topic you post and when you reply to an existing topic.

For the best experience, you may need to empty your browser cache or force a page refresh.

If you have posted a question or idea since November 1st, 2014, you may notice that we have automatically subscribed you to your own topic. If this is not what you want, please login to AppWorks Developer and go to your user profile to manage your subscriptions.

In This Release

Here is a high-level overview of the updates applied on Friday February 20th, 2015:

  • Subscribe to questions and ideas, with immediate notification by email of updates (edited question / idea or answer / comment, new answer / comment)
  • Manage subscriptions through your user profile
  • Other users can view your subscriptions on your user profile (just like your activities)
  • Notification emails include a direct link to manage your subscriptions
  • Questions / ideas can be locked by the moderator (e.g. when they are resolved or off topic) and provide a comment to explain the reason
  • Various bug fixes and back-office enhancements

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