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This article contains the release notes for AppWorks Gateway version 1.2.0.

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1 Introduction

These Release Notes provide an overview of AppWorks Gateway 1.2.0, including new features, delivery information, and supported platforms. OpenText recommends that you read these Release Notes in conjunction with the documentation included with the software package. If any conflicts exist, the Release Notes supersede the other documentation.

We also recommend that you check the OpenText Developer Site for any patches or documentation updates that may have been posted after the initial release of AppWorks Gateway 1.2.0.

1.1 Release Notes Revision History

Revision DateSections RevisedDescription of Revisions
2015-03-30First release.All new content.

2 About AppWorks Gateway

AppWorks is Open Text’s Enterprise Application Development and Management platform. AppWorks allows you to quickly and easily build purpose-specific apps for the Enterprise using the Web technologies we are all familiar with: HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. These apps, called AppWorks Apps, can connect to the OpenText EIM Suite using a common RESTFul API.

2.1 New Features

AppWorks Gateway 1.2.0 Includes the following new features.

  • Single Sign On from Windows Desktop Browser Clients.


  • The Single Sign on from Windows Desktop browsers only works for Content Server 10.5 installations.
  • Content Server 10 users must disable the OTDS Single Sign on via the option in the Advanced Settings of the Appworks Gateway.
  • Content Server 10 users will not have Single Sign on functionality but will be able to login with any OTDS supported user format.
  • If Content Server Authentication is used the SSO is disabled automatically on addition of the Content Server Identity provider.

2.2 Discontinued and Deprecated Features

The following features have been deprecated in this release:

  • Within the AppWorks Gateway Admin UI, the Server and Client Traffic report functionality has been deprecated. It will be replaced by enhanced functionality in a later release.
  • New installations of the Add-On Bundle will not contain the Insight reporting module and an upgrade from version 1.1.6 to 1.2.0 will not remove the existing reporting bundle but it can be disabled if required.

3 Packaging and Documentation

Downloads and documentation for AppWorks Gateway are available on the OpenText Developer Site.

3.1 Packaging and Delivery Information

The software and documentation for AppWorks Gateway includes:

  • AppWorks Gateway 1.2.0. A full server release that is provided as a single ZIP archive (download available at OpenText Developer).
  • AppWorks Component Bundle 1.2.0 (download available at OpenText Developer).

3.2 Related Documentation

For additional information about AppWorks Gateway, or for supplemental information about related products, refer to the OpenText Developer Site.

4 Supported Environments and Compatibility

This section provides details about supported platforms, systems, and versions.

4.1 Supported Systems

Component VersionLevel of Support
Java 7.0.75 C
Tomcat Application Server7.0.59C
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2C
Centos Linux6C
Red Hat Linux6S
Microsoft Windows Server2012S
Microsoft Windows Server2008 R2S
Microsoft SQL Server2012C
Oracle Database11G R2C
MySQL Database5.6C

Notes on Supported Platforms:

C = Certified
This platform was used for regression testing with this release of AppWorks Gateway. Use of this platform is fully supported by OpenText Customer Support for customers that have purchased product licenses.

S = Supported
This platform received limited testing for this release of OpenText AppWorks Gateway. Use of this platform is fully supported by OpenText Customer Support for customers that have purchased product licenses.

Not Listed = Unsupported
This received no testing by OpenText. There may or may not be known issues with this platform. Its
use is not supported by OpenText Customer Support.

4.2 OpenText Product Compatibility

The section provides details about which versions of other OpenText products are compatible with this release of AppWorks Gateway 1.2.0.

For the latest compatibility information for OpenText products, refer to the Compatibility Matrix on the OpenText Knowledge Center.

Product NameVersionNotes
Content Server10Update 13 and above
Content Server10.5Update 2014-06 and above

4.3 Language Support

AppWorks Gateway is currently localized in the following languages. Future releases may add additional languages.

UI = user interface only
B = both user interface and online help

5 Installation, Upgrade, and Patch Notes

This section provides additional installation and upgrade information, including related or third-party product information and any required critical patches.

Appworks Gateway Admin UIB       
AppWorks Gateway Web AccessB       

UI = user interface only
B = both user interface and online help

5.1 Installation Notes

Before you install AppWorks Gateway, review these additional installation notes and verify related product or third-party product requirements.

5.2 Upgrade Notes

The AppWorks Gateway supports upgrading from AppWorks 1.1.5 and higher. Complete upgrade details are available in the installation documentation that is available on the OpenText Developer Site. To summarize, upgrade using the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have set MaxPermSize for the Apache Tomcat Java options.
  2. Stop the Apache Tomcat service.
  3. Navigate to the <TOMCAT_HOME>/webapps folder and delete the existing gateway.war file and gateway folder.
  4. Extract the contents of the file into the root of the Apache Tomcat folder. For example, C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0.
  5. Start the Apache Tomcat service.
  6. In a browser, type <https://Tomcat_Host:port>/gateway to view the OpenText AppWorks Gateway.

5.3 Patches

The following patches must be applied to AppWorks Gateway 1.2.0. OpenText also recommends that you check the OpenText Developer Site for any patches or documentation updates that may have been posted after this release.

5.3.1 Patch Prerequisites

Before installing the patch, ensure that you have met the following prerequisites:

  • Ensure you have applied all of the latest required patches for components other than AppWorks. For example, if you want to use Content Server with AppWorks, ensure the latest Content Server patches and updates are applied.

5.3.2 Patch Downloads

You must download the following to install this patch:

  • No AppWorks Patches currently exist for this version.

5.4 Installation and Administration Guide

Further information on installing, upgrading and administering the AppWorks Gateway is available here:

6 Fixed Issues

This section provides information about past issues that have been fixed in this release.

Issue NameIssue Description
OTAG-1354Single Sign On to Web access from Windows desktop.
OTAG-2201Web Access Login page is replaced with OTDS login page to allow Single Sign On.
OTAG-2300Update to Add-on Bundle to remove Client and Server Traffic reports.
OTAG-1969URL is not updating for sub domains.
OTAG-2114AppWorks doesn’t rewrite URLS when used with Tempo Social.
OTAG-2125Enhancements to OTDS configuration options screen.
OTAG-2180Option to use ORACLE SID or Service Name for Database connection.
OTAG-2153User can log into Web Access regardless of how user is stored in Content Server.
OTAG-2176AppWorks cookies are not cleaned up correctly on logout.
OTAG-2236Enhancement to notifications database performance.
OTAG-2238OTDS 10.5.0 Patch prevents external user login and receipt of sharing requests.
OTAG-2397Error in rendering user photo within notifications.
OTAG-2329Admin UI should allow for Single Sign On to be disabled.
OTAG-2347Common Header should allow for sign out as well as sign in as a different user.
OTAG-2342App.Properties file allows developers to download an app dependent on device platform.
OTAG-2270Enhancements to notifications cleanup from developed apps.

7 Known Issues

The following known issues exist in this release.

Issue NameIssue Description
OTAG-2370External Users are presented with a Windows Security dialogue when Single Sign On is enabled.

Note on OTAG-2370

External users will be presented with an authentication dialogue when they access the Web Access page.
This dialogue must be dismissed by the end user to load the correct login page.

8 Contact Information

OpenText Corporation
275 Frank Tompa Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada, N2L 0A1


Knowledge Center:

OpenText Developer:

For more information, visit

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