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Learn how to create a proxy rule from scratch or using a template.

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Chapter 5 – Creating a Proxy Rule

In the Proxy Settings page, complete the details for any proxy rules that you want to create for AppWorks Gateway. OpenText supplies various template proxy rules for use with OpenText products such as eDOCS InfoCenter and Content Server.
Creating a proxy rule for your OpenText product is part of the installation process for the product, and further details are available in the specific installation documentation.

To define a proxy rule:

  1. Sign in to the AppWorks Gateway as an admin user.

  2. In the Admin Menu, click Proxy from the Configuration section.

  3. Click New Rule or New Rule From Template. The New Rule From Template option provides some default settings for when you are installing the AppWorks Gateway with other OpenText products. For example, the OpenText eDOCS RestAPI template includes URL mappings and Whitelist details that help you to install OpenText eDOCS with InfoCenter.

  4. In the Configure Rule page, complete the required fields and click Save Rule.

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This article has been updated. All the settings information is now contained in the AppWorks Gateway Settings article. The same updates are available in the PDF version of the AppWorks Gateway Installation and Administration Guide, labelled as version 2, and available from the Getting Started page, the Software Downloads page, and from the Release Notes for 16.2.1 page.

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