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This is a listing of available REST API's for Leap, that are common among the services.

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Authenticate Users

POST /oauth/clients
Create or Register a Client

GET /oauth/clients/:clientid
Retrieve a Client

PUT /oauth/clients/:clientid
Update a Client

DELETE /oauth/clients/:clientid
Delete a Client

GET /oauth/authorize?client_id={id}&redirect_uri={redirect_uri}&state={state}&scope=write&response_type=code
Authenticate and redirect

POST /oauth/token
Authenticate and obtain auth token

POST /oauth/check_token
Verify an authentication token


Manage Tenants

GET /tenants/:tenantid/users
List the users of a tenant

POST /tenants/:tenantid/users
Create a tenant user

GET /tenants/:tenantid/users/:userid
Get a tenant user

DELETE /tenants/:tenantid/users/:userid
Delete a tenant user


Manage Subscription Users

GET /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users
List users of a sibscription

POST /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users
Create a subscription user

GET /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid
Get a subscription user

PUT /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid/
Update subscription user

PATCH /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid/
Update subscription user preferences

DELETE /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid/
Delete a subscription user


Manage User Roles

GET /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid/users-by-role/application_admin
Retrieve a subscription user by role

POST /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid/roles
Add a subscription user role

DELETE /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/users/:userid/roles
Remove a subscription user role


Manage Subscription Parameters

DELETE /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/params/:paramid
Remove a subscription parameter

PUT /tenants/:tenantid/subscriptions/:subscriptionid/params/:paramid
Update a subscription parameter


Manage User Profiles

GET /user-profiles?userId=userId
Get User Profile

PUT /user-profiles/:userID
Update User Profile

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