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OpenText API documentation may be found on the OpenText Developer site.

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Documentation for OpenText RESTful APIs may be found here

Additional documentation may be found by following the links below

Product APINumber of Resources
AppWorks GatewayAdministration, Management, Notifications, Email, and Deployment API 31
Archive CenterContent Archiving Service-
BravaDocument Rendering Service-
Business Networks API List (PDF) Comprehensive Business Network Services 44
Capture API List (PDF)Capture Service -
OpenText Exstream Communication Server API v1 Customer Communications Management43
Exstream Empower Server (PDF) Customer Communications Management6
Extream Cloud Production API (PDF) Communications Rendering Service 14
Core API ReferenceContent Management Service21
InfoArchive 4.3Enterprise Archiving Platform-
InfoArchive 16EP3Enterprise Archiving Platform-
InfoArchive 16EP4Enterprise Archiving Platform-
InfoArchive 16EP5Enterprise Archiving Platform-
InfoArchive 16EP5.1Enterprise Archiving Platform-
Leap Capture API ReferenceCapture Service11
Leap Case API ReferenceCase Management Service6
Leap Common API ReferenceAuthentication, Tenancy Management Service6
Leap Content API Reference Content Management Service6
LiveSite Content Services (API) Content Management Service13
Content Server API v2Content Web Services15
Easy Link Messaging API v2.6 Email, Fax, Voice, and SMS Services6
OpenText Directory Services 16 Authentication and Identity Management Service 21
OpenText Directory ServicesSynchronization Service6
OpenText Exceed TurboX API v2Administration and Reporting Service 9
InfoFusion API v2Information Search Service 6
Media Management API v4Comprehensive Media Management API 39
Process Suite API v2 (10.6)Case and Task Management Service 3
Records Management v1 Members, Nodes, and Queues Service7
TeamSite API Reference (PDF) Content Authoring Service6
Tempo Box Content Management API v1Events and Watching Service 3
Tempo Box Sharing API v1 Content Sharing Service 2
Tempo Social API v2Social Networking Service 15
Web Experience Management Web API v16 Site, Channel, and Content Service 5
XECMWorkspace Management API-

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