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Managing your users in OpenText Directory Services with the AppWorks Administration Client.

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Chapter 7 – Installing and Configuring the OpenText Administration Client

The OpenText AppWorks Gateway stores your users in OpenText Directory Services (OTDS). The easiest way to add, edit, or delete users is with the OpenText AppWorks Gateway. Advanced manipulation of the users, groups, and partitions in the OpenText Directory Services is done using the OpenText Administration Client.

Only advanced users should use this method to access OpenText Directory Services.

7.1 – Installing the OpenText Administration Client

To install the OpenText Administration Client:

  1. Double-click the OpenText Administration Client install file, administration_client-10.5.0.msi, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  2. Double-click the OpenText Administration Client patch file, adc-1050–002.msp, to install the patch.

  3. Stop the Apache Tomcat service.

  4. With the OpenText AppWorks Gateway deployed in Apache Tomcat, place the otds-as-as.jar file in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/otds/otdsws/WEB-INF/lib folder.

  5. Start the Apache Tomcat service.

7.2 – Adding a Server and Verifying Partitions

To add a server and verify partitions:

  1. Launch the OpenText Administration Client.

  2. Optional If a host is not already created, do the following:

    • Click Add Server.

    • Add the following:

      Server name = <localhost>
      Port = <8080>
      Protocol = https
      Service = Directory Services 10.5.0

      Figure 1-1: Add Shared Services Server

    • Click OK.

  3. Right-click the server, select Sign in and sign in with the OTAG credentials you defined when deploying the OpenText AppWorks Gateway. The default credentials are:

    User name = otag
    Password = otag

    Figure 1-2: Sign In

  4. Click Directory Services and then User Partitions. Verify that the otag and otds.admin user partitions are available.

    Figure 1-3: Verify User Partitions

7.3 – Updating the otag User Password

To update the otag user password:

  1. In the OpenText Administration Client, click User Partitions in the left pane.

  2. Right-click the otag user in the middle pane and select Reset Password.

    Figure 1-4: Updating the otag User Password

  3. Change the password and then click OK.

  4. Click OK to confirm this action.

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