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Content Server REST API - Quick Start Guide

Posted Jan 07 by AppWorks Developer.
Updated May 26 by Simon Day.

This article will help you to understand and get started with the Content Server REST API version 1.0, so you can create your own AppWorks App that connects to Content Server.

Last activity Feb 01 by Maxime Belanger.
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OpenText RESTful API standard

Posted Nov 15 by AppWorks Developer.
Updated Nov 06 by Simon Day.

OpenText with the release of AppWorks introduced a common API standard that allows a developer to access all OpenText products in a consistent, easy to use manner. Targetted at developers wishing to develop their own AppWorks Service.

Last activity Jan 20 by Doaa Farouk.
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OpenText API Documentation

Posted Jul 07 by Pete Oliver.
Updated Oct 29.

OpenText API documentation may be found on the OpenText Developer site.

Last activity Oct 29 by Pete Oliver.
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CSNODE Quick Start Guide

Posted May 16 by AppWorks Developer.
Updated May 16.

This document will explain how to use and extend csNode.

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Developer Guide: OpenText Exstream Communication Server API v1 (updated)

Posted Apr 07 by Daniel Torvad.
Updated Jan 09.

An introduction to OpenText Exstream Communication Server v1 API's covering the fundamental details of the available APIs for Document On Demand and Communications scenarios and more on 16.2 release and 16.3. New methods are marked from when they are available, and those methods without mark is available since 16.2.

Last activity May 24 by Petrus Näslund.
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Developer Guide: OpenText AppWorks 16 Service Development Kit

Posted Apr 12 by Rhys Evans.
Updated Apr 14.

AppWorks services are server-side applications that typically provide support for AppWorks managed mobile applications (AppWorks apps), forming part of a wider mobile solution. They are deployed by the AppWorks Gateway within its host container (Apache Tomcat 8) along with the aforementioned apps. They are built using the AppWorks Service Development Kit (SDK).

Last activity Apr 14 by Rhys Evans.
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Developer Guide: AppWorks Mobile App Development

Posted Apr 12 by Jason Ibrahim.
Updated Oct 19.

A step by step guide in building great apps on top of the AppWorks platform.

Last activity Oct 19 by Jason Ibrahim.
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An App for OpenText Media Manager

Posted Feb 12 by Jason Ibrahim.
Updated Mar 23 by Simon Day.

In this article, we go through the development process of a proof of concept app that pulls and displays assets from media manager using a custom angularjs service that enables us to consume of media manager api's. NOTE: This Article applies to AppWorks 1.x NOT AppWorks 16.x

Last activity Mar 23 by Simon Day.
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OpenText Core API Reference

Posted Jul 07 by Pete Oliver.
Updated Jul 07.

This is a listing of available REST API's for OpenText Core.

Last activity Jul 07 by Pete Oliver.
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Developer Guide: OpenText AppWorks 16 Notifications

Posted Apr 12 by Rhys Evans.
Updated Jun 20.

Native push notifications were introduced in version 16 of the AppWorks platform. The AppWorks Gateway can send notifications to registered clients, and the Android and iOS AppWorks mobile clients can receive and process them. This functionality leverages Google Cloud Messaging Services (GCM) to deliver notifications across both platforms seamlessly.

Last activity Jun 20 by Rhys Evans.
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Introduction to the AppWorks Gateway 16.1 Proxy

Posted Dec 19 by Pete Oliver.
Updated Dec 19.

This article introduces the OpenText AppWorks Gateway Proxy.

Last activity Dec 19 by Pete Oliver.
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Documentum REST Services Get Started

Posted Sep 29 by Peng Qiu.
Updated Mar 06.

This is an entry point towards tutorials about Documentum REST Services.

Last activity Mar 06 by Peng Qiu.
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